Social Media’s Detrimental Addiction and BeReal

Social Media addiction has been a real issue for the current generation as most of us had been stuck in our homes for the past 2 years during the pandemic. Social media has not just been an issue for teens but also for kids in the present situation. While adults are making constant efforts to get off this social media addiction, kids have been getting into it. It is a huge issue that sometimes parents can’t even control what their kid might be watching and instead just blindly give it up to them. It has been an issue as most of the important work phases have ended up on social media.

From important updates or necessary important information, people generally tend to rely on social media platforms as it can be the most effective way of reaching a mass audience. There can be set limits to using such addictive apps but need to be set by the users themselves. People tend to ignore these limits way too easily and often end up spiraling yet again in that endless loop. It is not undeniable that social media has its advantages and has been a great coping mechanism for people as the pandemic had been a disconnecting experience for everyone.

And for that, there has been a new platform that has been launched during the pandemic itself that most people tend to overlook. The idea of countering social media addiction through yet another social media app may seem kind of idle-headed, but when you can interact with your peeps, through a time and energy-conserving social media platform can seem great comparing it to other apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s go through the various features of BeReal and how it can help someone stay away from the social media addiction that one might go through.

What is BeReal?

Social Media might or might not seem like a toxic place as well considering the number of filters and alterations that some people tend to do their content, this might not seem such big of an issue unless it goes unnoticed. BeReal is another photo-sharing social media platform that allows users to post just one photo a day to their audience.

BeReal’s key characteristic would be the authenticity it provides. You have 2 minutes to click a snap and upload it, and you can only post once a day. Hence, it wouldn’t be such an influential app as the others, but it certainly does not lack behind in connecting people and stay updated about their loved ones. When you take a snap on BeReal, it posts a dual view snap as in, it posts your front camera view as well as your back camera view. These are some of the major key features regarding BeReal, let’s discuss the various ways that BeReal has been better and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Advantages of BeReal

  • It is indeed a huge community as people have been interacting with the app sharing their life experiences all over the world and you can practically discover so much stuff. It can help you live people’s lives through this small window. It’s like living vicariously and helps you gain knowledge about various cultures.
  • BeReal has been user-friendly and easy to learn to use, the user interface is simple and easy to learn.
  • Real emojis with your face on them add a personal touch that everyone enjoys using. BeReal has everything a little personalized and adds a personal touch of the user into the profile usage which enhances the user experience.

Although there might be various advantages and a huge community to the app in itself, there are somehow some drawbacks. Content creation and sharing is something that is not promoted by BeReal’s principles it’s hard to gather a following through BeReal if that’s what you would want to pursue. Apps such as Instagram and Twitter do provide a community of people that are either a fan of your work or still follow you for some element and regularity. However, BeReal hardly lets you communicate except for sharing your real-life updates and hence, isn’t ideal to build an audience.


With the evolving times we do need to consider the amount of time we put into social media and it might not be the healthiest thing to do. It’s high time we realize the aftereffects of it on us and how much it affects our mental and physical health. Let’s take efforts to drawback from it daily.