What is Twitter Space? Is it the next great marketing strategy?

Twitter has been one of the best social media apps to ever exist. 280 words of free expression of thoughts have taken the media to the utmost spot. Twitter has revolutionized movements and has been a way of connecting people in difficult times as well. The pandemic set a great example that we would not be able to stay connected physically forever, however, it did prove to us that social media has been the linking chain that is successful in making us stay connected to each other during rough times.

From a separate section for the trending topics that are spoken about all around the world, to being a news guide, Twitter has proved itself to be of greater use than just a social media platform. Although Twitter has been under some heat due to the recent ownership changes and is now being owned by Elon and changes were made to the platform and its employees, it was able to survive the heat with some minor consequences here and there and has had its glorious victory.

Social media to stay relevant and be in competition, have to introduce newer features ever so often, In this article, we would be discussing Twitter Spaces, which although hasn’t been a fairly new feature, has been a game changer. So let’s talk about it.

Twitter Space is an audio chat room that the host can host and have 13 people speaking at once including the host and 2 co-hosts. This does not limit the amount of listeners though, anyone is free and allowed to join as a listener. You can invite your followers to these spaces and active space rooms would be in a purple bubble on top of the timeline. It is available to both individual users and business organizations for various uses.

Why Twitter Space?

Traditionally we have the typical 280-character limit during a public conversation and most of the replies are not real-time conversations. Twitter space can be used to bring these public conversations to life and have intellectual and great discussions in real-time with no limit. If you want to speak, you can most definitely request to speak and have your views heard and your thoughts told.

These are also a great way to get feedback on something especially for businesses to be able to get feedback and engage with their customers to deliver a better performance.

Features of Space

Space like some other interactive measures, the host has control over who can speak and listen or even stay in the space. You can share your thoughts during a mass space with the means of emojis that can be put on the bottom panel of the call and when you initiate it, it would be displayed on your profile icon in the space. You can share/pin tweets in the space and have discussions over these tweets and their views and have a greater mind space to work with. You can even turn on captions and with the help of AI, people who cannot properly hear or are having issues can make the best use of it.

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Business Advantages of Twitter Spaces

  • Community: Businesses that are already utilizing Twitter to leverage a loyal customer community can benefit a lot through those spaces as that would allow them to interact better with their audience.
  • Updates and Announcements: As you host a space, you can even name the space that you are hosting and hence, help you in directly announcing major updates and announcements through these spaces, which can gain interaction and feedback in real-time. These can’t just be used for updates and assignments rather also can be used for business ideas and debates and the trajectory that the business might go in.
  • Equal opportunities: Everyone is free and open to express their views, just the only drawback would be the 13 speakers at once debate, however, people can tweet about the spa,ce and the tweets can be pinned to the space, which means brands can read tweets and questions under the space and still communicate through with their audience easily.


Twitter spaces have a lot to come in the future and are a great boost for social media popularisation. While these opinionated thoughts on Twitter can get riotous, they can spark better mindful discussion and interactive skills for people. As people tend to learn more about other’s views it can help them extend their horizon of thoughts and make them look at things from a different perspective, hence, Twitter would also be a platform that would be hard to dissolve.