Which Operating System is the best for coding, programming, and designing?

Operating Systems are of various types and provide various purposes with each being different than the other. The 3 most majorly used Operating Systems are Windows, Linux, and MacOS for computers. Well, not to mention it is ideal to code on PC rather than mobile phones for numerous reasons. Each Operating System has its pros and cons and a variety of strengths to display. In this article, we would be discussing which operating system is great for what purposes.

Programming has been a crucial integral of the modern technology-integrated world. Every website, application, server, or system has to be coded, programmed, designed, and developed at a point. It’s pretty easy to do any of these tasks when you have the required knowledge and equipment that would be required for it. A great device with the necessary specifications can make tasks much easier than you think. Speaking of requirements, one of the most basic requirements a device needs is an OS. OS or operating system is a system software that manages the link between the hardware resources and the software resources in a smart electronic device.


Has to be the most versatile operating system with the amounts of functions and processes it can perform. Windows is a graphical-operating system that is provided to the mass by Microsoft. Microsoft is widely used because of the accessibility and compatibility it has with most functions. It is even considered the default operating system for most devices that are not designed by Apple. Windows has been around since 1985 and the latest one being the Windows 11 which was released in the year 2021. Windows is used for a multitude of reasons from entertainment to gaming or even connecting yourself to the internet. Hence, windows are preferred by the masses greatly.


MacOS is the default operating system in Apple’s devices and provides the optimized use of their hardware with the functionality it provides. MacOS is a Unix operating system that was developed and used by Apple since the year 2001. Apple makes sure to use this operating system to the best of its capability as it makes sure to efficiently use the hardware components of the computer to their max potential. MacOS can pretty much do everything that Windows can with of course the signature motto of Apple which is privacy and security. Apple with its ecosystem provides the best user experience by integrating various services that it provides on iPhones on its Mac.


Linux is an open-source operating system that unlike others is free to use and can be installed on any device and as many as you want without paying a single penny. It was released in the year 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Since it’s an open-source operating system, it is quite obvious with the number of uses it comes with. You can study the entire program as well as make changes according to your personal preference for the operating system. You can share the operating system with anyone with your custom modifications as well.

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Which is the best for coding and programming?

The best operating system solely for coding and programming in this list is Linux considering the number of features and customizations that it provides. It is an open-source operating system which means the developers can pretty much make customizations as to one’s personal preferences and requirements hence, programmers and developers tend to choose, and factually, Linux is better than other operating systems.

Which is best for Designing?

Most Graphic-designing apps are apt for Mac with the high-end performance and quality of details it provides. Most applications work great and efficiently on MacOS however, just the 3D deigning apps such as Rhino and designingder would opt for Windows because of their requirements whereas most of the other apps do prefer MacOS. Besides, on a flip side of the view, the Mac does seem more aesthetically pleasing in terms of this battle which is like a signature for designers, the sleek look does provide just a little tad bit boost to the designing experience e.


Although these operating ssystemsprovide more than enough requirements for these, the user who uses the device should have an adequate amount of knowledge to be able to operate these and have their tasks done. Research well about each operating system and the uses it provides and you might just get the perfect operating software that fulfills your needs and provides more. One thing that can be concluded is that most of the developing work is preferred mostly on Linux whereas visually curated tasks might require MacOS and multitasking and high efficient tasks such as edihighly and other works require Windows. Hopefully, this article helps.