Frontier Ball Bearings Location in The Cycle Frontier

Frontier Ball Bearings is a company based in the Crescent Falls, Minnesota area. Its location is close to other nearby locations, such as Lakeside Building, Green Prospect, and Nutrion Farms Processing. Find out more about the Crescent Falls area. The company offers a variety of products and services, including wheel bearings.


The Crescent Falls area is home to the Frontier Ball Bearings location. Other nearby locations include the Lakeside Building, Green Prospect, and Nutrion Farms Processing. You can also find several Industrial Crates and Dumpsters in the area. In addition to being home to the ball bearings, these locations also have several other items you can find in the area.

Industrial Crates are the best places to find Ball Bearings because they are close to Dumpsters. Industrial crates are usually higher in the level, and there’s little chance they’ll fall out. However, it is important to note that there are many Dumpsters near Ball Bearings, so you should be careful not to accidentally step on them.

Ball Bearings are rare crafting items that are important for printing machines with moving parts. Like their real-world counterparts, they’re rare in the game, but knowing where to find them will help you get more of them faster. A Ball Bearing is worth 3FP, or 338K-marks, so it’s worth knowing where to look. Regardless of your preferred crafting method, knowing where to find Ball Bearings is essential for crafting and survival.

The Ball Bearings location is located near the Base Camp and Dig Site. These locations are close to the Base Camp and feature Industrial Crates. They can also be looted from Dumpsters on Alien Planets. In addition to these locations, Ball Bearings are found near the East Collection Point, Crescent Falls, Bright Sands, and Green Prospect. The latter two locations are located near the Center of the map and are similar to Base Camp.

Industrial Crates

The best places to find Ball Bearings in the game are Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. Dumpsters have a higher chance of containing Ball Bearings, while Industrial Crates spawn them at a much lower rate. Compared to dumpsters, Industrial Crates have a 3.17% chance of containing Ball Bearings, while Dumpsters have a 6% chance. The best locations to farm Ball Bearings in The Cycle Frontier are in the Dumpsters and Industrial Crates in Bright Sands, but they can also be very crowded.

Ball Bearings can be used for crafting or sold to gain 338 K-Marks or 3 Faction Points. They can be looted from Dumpsters and Industrial Crates on Alien Planets, but they are also found in the Korolev Structure and Bright Sands Map. Ball Bearings can also be looted from a Crashed Drill or Dig Site.

If you want to acquire Ball Bearings quickly and easily, you can use Industrial Crates. They contain a large number of Ball Bearings and are used for crafting a variety of items. The size and weight of a Ball Bearing are important when selecting a location to place it.

Ball cages can be made of steel, plastic, or a combination of materials. Metal cages are stamped, whereas plastic cages are molded. Steel cages are typically riveted together. Often, they come with special finishes for specific applications. After assembly, the cage is covered with rust-preservative to keep them from rusting. Some manufacturers also package their bearings for shipping.


Dumpsters are the most common spawn location for Ball Bearings in the game. While Industrial Crates are also available, Dumpsters tend to spawn more often and have better odds. Dumpsters spawn 3.17% of Ball Bearings compared to Industrial Crates, which spawn only 6% of Ball Bearings. The best location for Dumpsters is near Base Camp, which is located in the middle of the map. This location is very crowded, though.

Ball Bearings are a very valuable crafting material in The Cycle. Like real-world materials, they can be used to make moving parts in machines. But while they’re plentiful in the real world, Ball Bearings are relatively rare in the Frontier. To avoid wasting a lot of time looking for these resources, it’s best to know their spawn location. Ball Bearings are worth 3FP each and can be used to craft other items.

The best place to farm Ball Bearings is in Greens Prospect and Lakeside Building. These areas contain the most Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. These locations are also close to Crescent Falls and Bright Sands. You can also find dumpsters near Crescent Falls and Green Prospect. These locations are similar to Base Camp. A dumpster is a great way to dispose of junk, debris, and other non-hazardous materials.

The common household garbage can be thrown in a dumpster. This trash can include any non-hazardous household materials, including kitchen garbage and outdoor trash. Wooden furniture can also be disposed of in a dumpster. These items include chairs, end tables, stools, and bed frames. Most landfills are fine with this type of wood, so it’s safe to toss away any leftovers.

Best places to farm ball bearings

There are a few places in Frontier where you can farm Ball Bearings. Usually, they are located near Industrial Crates and Dumpsters. These places have a higher chance of dropping Ball Bearings than any other location. You can find Industrial Crates and Dumpsters near base camps and in the middle of the map.

You can find Ball Bearings in Lakeside Building, Green Prospect, and Dumpsters. They are also found in the Water Facility. These locations are similar to Base Camp and Crescent Falls. They contain the highest amount of Industrial Crates and Dumpsters. This makes them excellent places to farm Ball Bearings.

You can also find Ball Bearings in Fortuna III. This is an area that has been assigned to players by the Factions. There, you can find various resources that are useful for crafting. This will cut down on the time it takes you to obtain this rare item. Aside from being a rare drop, Ball Bearings can also be used to craft other items.

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