How to Not Use Crunchyroll Beta

Many people have complained about the Crunchyroll Beta. Many users have said that the beta is more buggy than the official version. 121 people have complained that they were not able to enjoy the service because of bugs. Moreover, users have also expressed their concerns over the new avatars. In addition, many have questioned whether the developers considered their feedback when introducing the Beta.


Users have found numerous bugs in Crunchyroll Beta, which is the newest version of the website. This new version is visually similar to the Netflix and Funimation sites. It has many features, but it is not yet fully functional. For example, users have reported more than 120 mentions of cancellations of their memberships, and have also requested an option to restore the classic layout. Many have also complained about the appearance of avatars. They have even asked whether the developers have considered user feedback when creating the Beta version.

Crunchyroll Beta offers improved search capabilities and personalized recommendations. Users can also filter their results by genre, recent releases, and popular shows. Additionally, users can now create unique usernames, select avatars, and use header images to show their preferences. The website is also more mobile-friendly, and a redesigned home page will make it easier for users to browse shows.


If you’re having problems loading Crunchyroll, it might be because your web browser isn’t compatible with the streaming service. To fix this problem, try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try contacting customer support. This is an important step.

Crunchyroll uses regional blocks, so it may block your VPN IP. This can cause a problem if you’re trying to access the site from an international location. Fortunately, you can open a support ticket and get your account unblocked. Otherwise, you’ll need to find another way to unblock Crunchyroll.

One solution is to use the beta version of the website. The new version of Crunchyroll offers mobile-responsiveness and an improved user interface. It also has a redesigned homepage and new search features. This means that browsing Crunchyroll can be more convenient than ever, and your search results will be more accurate. Users can even customize their profiles with a picture of their choice.

Ways to avoid it

There are several ways to avoid using Crunchyroll beta. The first and most obvious way is to use an ad-blocking browser extension. You should be aware that the free version of Crunchyroll is packed with advertisements and requires a paid subscription to view the full content. This is unfortunate, but the ad-blocking extension helps you to avoid watching these ads.

Another way is to use a VPN. These services will not only help you to avoid browsing in a country that is not listed on your browser, but they will also help you to reduce ping times and improve streaming quality. Using a VPN service can also prevent you from getting banned from Crunchyroll if you frequently disconnect. Also, they will flag your account if they notice you have unauthorized access.

Crunchyroll Beta will also feature enhanced search features and curated lists. The new website is likely to be maintained by staff who are anime lovers, so you can rest assured that there will be no problem finding the content you’re looking for. In addition, if you’re concerned about privacy, you can create an account without revealing any personal information, and you’ll be able to customize your username and profile picture. You can also choose whether you’d like to display your avatar and header image. If you’d prefer to upload your own image, you’ll be able to add a new user avatar.

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