Basariosi X Set – How to Get Basariosi X Armor Set For Monster Hunter Rise

Basariosi X Set is a mod that replaces the original Basarios Set with customizable colors. You can modify the colors by changing the textures and mesh IDs in the Mod Manager or by using paktool. The latter is more comfortable for you to use.

Master Rank

The Master Rank for Basarios X armor set is a new set of equipment in Monster Hunter Rise, and it makes its debut in the Sunbreak Expansion. This armor set features five pieces of armor with special effects and combining skills based on the pieces you equip. These pieces are also upgradeable to the highest levels in the game.

You can craft the full Basarios armor set when you reach level four. This set is easy to craft and has two innate perks. First, it has a 10% attack boost, with a bonus ten at level seven, and second, it increases your affinity by 40%. This can come in handy when you’re guarding monsters.

There are several different types of Master Rank armor. Some of them are named after a specific monster, and you can unlock them by hunting that monster or completing quests from NPCs. You can also unlock certain pieces by completing certain option Master Rank quests. Some of these quests will reward you with frocium, which you can obtain from mining in the Frost Islands, and you can craft twisted stiffbone from Bonepiles in Shrine Ruins.

If you’re a shield user, you may want to pick up this set for later-game play. It will increase your affinity, provide increased critical damage and reduce your stamina depletion. It will also prevent Poison, which is a great advantage when you’re playing as a Blademaster. The Teostra armor is also great for Gunners, and will protect them if they’re attacked.

This armor set also grants the player +3 on all resistances. The individual pieces can be purchased separately or in sets of three or four. The main thing that matters when choosing the best armor set for you is that it works with your character’s class.


Crafting Basariosi X armor set is not a simple task. These pieces are made from very hard material and require high level of crafting skills. However, there are some things you can do to make the process easier. First of all, you need to get the Basarios Cortex from your inventory.

The Basarios X armor set is one of the Master Rank armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise. It is made up of five pieces that can be complemented by other pieces of equipment. Some of them contain special effects when worn, while others combine skills depending on what pieces you have equipped. These sets can also be upgraded to their limits, giving you the best of both worlds!

The Basarios X armor set also gives a general combat buff to the wearer. This means that it is easier to deal massive damage to monsters and you will have better stamina. The armor will also increase your charge speed of weapons. The downside is that it will reduce your mobility in deep muck and snow.

You can also get these outfit vouchers by completing quests. The only way to get these is to do High Rank 7 Star quests. This is the only guaranteed way to get them. However, it does require you to complete the main campaign in order to get those quests.


The Basarios X Set is a Master Rank Armor Set for Monster Hunter: Rise. It is available in the Sunbreak Expansion, and includes five different pieces. When equipped, these pieces combine skills and add special effects to the wearer. The set also has upgrades and abilities, and can be leveled up to the maximum.

The Damage of Basarios X armor set has a high defensive value, and will also decrease melee damage. It will help you resist monster attacks and will encourage you to play more aggressively. It also provides resistance to water attacks. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to play with melee combat, you’ll want to go for the Aurora Somnacanth or the Pukei-Pukei armor sets.

In addition to the damage-dealing bonuses that this set offers, it also provides a number of useful bonuses. For example, your Defense and Elemental Resistance will increase by 8 percent, and your stamina will be depleted by only three percent. You can also sharpen your weapons, removing three cycles of stamina.

The Damage of Basariosi X armor set is very high, and if you use a weapon that targets its weaknesses, you can maximize your damage output. Depending on the weapon that you use, you can focus on the lower body and head areas of Basarios to maximize your damage output.

Recovery speed

The Basarios X armor set is a Master Rank armor set for Monster Hunter Rise. This set features five pieces of equipment that complement each other. They are designed to provide specific abilities and special effects depending on the pieces you wear. These armor sets can also be upgraded to higher levels.

Base Sunbreak location

The Basariosi X armor set is a powerful item that you can get from the Base Sunbreak location. This armor set contains eleven unique skills that you can use during the game. Some of these skills include Offensive Guard, Partbreaker, and Constitution. Other skills include Rapid Morph, which increases your switch speed, and Artillery, which improves your explosive attacks. These skills are especially useful for Charge Blade users. You can get this armor set on the PC or Switch versions of the game.

The Basarios X set consists of five pieces of armor that can be combined together for special effects and abilities. You can also craft this set yourself using different materials. It will cost you a lot of gold, but it is worth the wait. It will give you some extra items to help you in your game and boost your character’s stats.

The game’s new Master Rank armor sets give players the ability to become monster destroyers. These armor sets also allow players to level up to Master Rank and unlock more skills. These sets can be purchased or obtained using the rewards of the Master Rank Monsters in the game.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you must complete the campaign before you can unlock the Basarios PECTUS+ item. After you do so, you will be able to access the two-star Master Rank monster hunt quests. Getting this set of armor will take you about a hundred hours to complete, so plan accordingly.

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