How to Get the Barroth X Armor Set in Monster Hunter World of Warcraft

If you want to get the Barroth X armor set, you have to make sure you have the right requirements and skills. The set also comes with special perks and stats that will make the set even more powerful. To start, you must have the Leather A and B sets. Then, you need to defeat new monsters.

Partbreaker Skill

The Partbreaker skill increases damage to parts of monsters. Barroth’s scalp, for example, is extremely hard, but you can still use the Partbreaker skill to increase your damage. This skill also increases the damage you deal when using Silkbind attacks, which don’t care how hard parts are. You can even charge your attacks to break through the hardness.

This set also gives general combat buffs, like increased attack and defense. It also increases stamina, which is useful for slicing large monster parts. It also increases the charging speed of various weapons. However, it decreases mobility in muck or deep snow.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your damage without spending any time, the Partbreaker skill can be a good choice. In Monster Hunter World, it adds damage to parts that change the model of a monster. Partbreaker works well on tails and horns, though it won’t work on Kulve Taroth’s horns in area 4. However, it will work on gold mantle and horn plating.


The Barroth Armor set grants a moderate +2 Fire Attack buff, but can be upgraded with bonuses to make it even more potent. It also has a respectable 18 Thunder Resistance. But before you can get it, you need to gather bones, which are important in Moster Hunter. They can be obtained from a variety of monsters in the early game, and will allow you to craft different types of armor and weapons.

Barroth X Armor Set is a Master Rank Armor Set that debuts in the Sunbreak Expansion. It consists of five pieces that can be combined to make various combinations. Each piece has special effects when equipped, and each one combines skills based on the pieces you’ve equipped. You can also use the Barroth X Set to improve your other pieces of equipment.

Barroth X armor is one of the most popular sets in Warcraft. The parts are not incredibly difficult to find, but they do take some grinding. If you’re not a high-level player, you’ll need to focus your efforts on leveling your barroth’s defense and attack. But if you’re a new player, don’t hesitate to grind for this set. It’s one of the simplest sets in the game, and it gives you several lessons.

Getting the Barroth X armor set requires some patience and a lot of grinding. However, it’s well worth the effort. This set provides excellent protection for players of all levels and will make their armor stand out among the rest.


The Barroth X armor set is a Master Rank Armor Set that debuted in Monster Hunter Rise during the Sunbreak Expansion. It consists of five pieces that can be combined to enhance the wearer’s abilities. Each piece of the set combines various skills and special effects depending on the piece it is worn with. In addition, this set is the most expensive in the game due to its high crafting cost and limited number of pieces.

This set starts with a modest +2 Fire Attack buff. It can also provide +2 bonus and a solid 18 Thunder Resistance. Additionally, the set comes with a large number of skills, including one for buffing your overall stats. For example, a Barroth helmet has a good defensive boost, and it can give the wearer a 30% affinity boost for 30 seconds.


The Barroth x armor set has many benefits. First off, it can be very competitive in defense. As you can see, this set is made up of four pieces, with each piece having a different perks. Second, this set of armor is very hard to grind and requires experience to master.

This set can be used for various purposes, from ensuring that you are protected from damage to reducing damage. You can also use it to enhance your skills and abilities. It is available in both male and female versions. There is also a lower rank version and a higher-rank version.

In addition to reducing damage taken by 30%, the Barroth x armor set has perks that can help you kill monsters faster. For instance, you can get Critical Eye x2 with the Kirin Jacket B. You can also use this to boost your attack by 10%. In addition to that, you can also use this set to increase your affinity by 40%.

Another great Barroth x armor set perks is the ability to use various elemental attacks. It is great for those who fight with dragons. This set also has decent defensive stats and has a good stamina cap. You can also get the Weakness Exploit skill which gives you a 50% affinity boost whenever you hit a weak spot on an enemy. Other useful traits of this armor set include Damage Reduction, Stun Resistance, Knockback Resistance, and Improved Evasion.


The Barroth X armor set comes with two 1st level slots and two 2nd level slots. It also comes with an extra Spread Up level. This level can be replaced with a more effective one in the next title update. The armor set grants the wearer 122 HP and offers a large number of good offensive skills.

This set is made from Barroth parts and can be worn by both male and female characters. It also comes with the materials required to craft it. Manufacturers such as CAPCOM CO., LTD and Monster Hunter CO., LTD manufacture Barroth X armor. The price of this set is determined by the rarity of the items and the materials needed to craft them.

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