Where to Find Misericorde Dagger in Diablo III

If you’re looking for a misericorde dagger in Diablo III, you’ve come to the right place! This weapon is ideal for any class and is great for one-shotting most enemies. This dagger can also be used for riposte and backstab attacks. The downside of this weapon is that it’s not as effective against bleeding builds.

Blade of Calling

The Blade of Calling in Misericorde is a dagger that can be used by the Faith class. Its damage is relatively high, with a decent crit rate, and it is a great choice for early game melee combat. Although it has no passive abilities, it does shine in a few areas, especially in physical damage. It has the highest crit rate of all weapons and is a solid choice for going for the kill.

The Blade of Calling’s damage increases with your Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, so it scales with your abilities. This weapon is a very versatile weapon, and can be used in melee combat or ranged combat. It also has additional holy damage. The blade is a Dagger, so it cannot be enchanted, but it is very strong when used correctly.

Once you’ve acquired your Destined Death, you can try your skills with the Blade of Calling. If you’re not sure where it is, you can try to find it on a scarab near the bridges. The blade of calling has a very specific shape, and this shape helps it imbue Destined Death more strongly.


The Cinquedea misericorde dager is a melee weapon that deals with dexterity and strength. It is also capable of dealing with Madness status build-up, and can inflict damage with a single swing. The blades of this weapon are very long, so it is difficult to block with a wrestling move. It is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game.

It is found in the Bestial Sanctum, the lowest level in the game. To obtain it, you must go down this level multiple times, taking fall damage each time. Once you reach the bottom level, loot the corpse on the right and you’ll find the Cinquedea dagger.

The Cinquedea was used in the Middle Ages and had a long blade with sharp edges. It was used in combat to pierce gaps in armour, and to defend against grappling opponents. In some cases, the misericordde was a weapon used to beg for mercy.


Misericorde dagger is a dagger in the World of Warcraft game. It is a dual attribute weapon, which means it scales based on the player’s Strength and Dexterity. It is good for melee combat and carries a high critical rating. If you want to use it in the most effective way, it is best paired with a shield or weapon that breaks enemy Poise. This weapon can also be infused with Ashes of War, but does not have a passive ability. If you wish to add debuffs to it, you can do so, but it is not a necessity.

Misericorde daggers have a quickstep skill by default, which allows you to move quickly and deal damage. They are also one of the most powerful daggers in the game, with a 140 Crit rating and high physical damage. They also have excellent scaling, especially when they are upgraded with Smithing Stones.

Black Knife

The Misericorde Dagger is a melee weapon that can be used to deal damage. It comes with the Quickstep skill by default, which can be used to quickly dodge an enemy’s attack or get close to an enemy to deal damage. This skill can be very useful for killing enemies at close range.

As a melee weapon, the Misericorde Dagger is very versatile, and it can critically hit a target and kill it in a single step. This weapon is best used by an assassin who knows exactly where to step, piercing a vital organ, and then dispersing into the shadows.

The Misericorde dagger can be obtained early in the Elden Ring, and can provide great critical damage. However, in order to get the weapon, players must be Level 7 Strength and Level 12 Dexterity.

Misericorde dagger

The Misericorde dagger is a melee weapon that has great critical damage potential and is equipped with Quickstep skill by default. The quickstep ability allows the player to get closer to enemies and dodge attacks easily, which helps them deal quick damage to enemies. The weapon can also be upgraded with Smithing Stones and Ashes of War. Here are some tips for using the Misericorde dagger.

You can find the Misericorde dagger at early levels in Elden Ring. It deals huge critical damage and is preferred by military physicians wearing white robes. Its blade is pointed, which makes critical hits especially powerful. This weapon is also favored by fleet footmen and quickstep masters who prefer to do quick movement.

A well-tuned Misericorde dagger can deal critical damage to the target in one step. It has good aoe damage and a good arc shape. It also deals damage to everything in front of you. It has high critical damage, which makes it a great weapon for assassins.

Bloody Finger Nerijus

The Bloody Finger Nerijus is a tricky NPC Invader who can be found in the Murkwater Catacombs or outside of Limgrave. It is a dual-wielding dagger that deals massive Blood Loss. It can be upgraded with regular Smithing Stones.

This dagger has a chance to grant you a chance to use a spell on enemies. It has a chance to heal you up when used properly. Blood Loss builds up on the Reduvia scale and builds up quicker against enemies with high Arcane.

This dagger scales well with Dexterity. Its base grade is a D, and it maintains that throughout its upgrade process. The dagger can be found in the Lake of Rot, an underground region that is accessible via the Ainsel River. You will be able to access it after you have completed Ranni’s questline.

In addition to the Bloody Finger Nerijus dagger, you can also find the Bloody Finger Nerijus Claw, Misery Finger Nerijus Misery Dagger, and Executioner’s Sword. These items can be used in battle to kill enemies in World of Warcraft.

Misericorde dagger scales with dexterity

The Misericorde is a dagger that has the highest critical stat of any dagger in the game. Its name comes from the French word for mercy. Its blade is sharp and hard, making critical hits especially potent. It can be looted from a corpse inside Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. You will need a Stonesword Key to open the room. You can also upgrade it with Ashes of War, which is available from the Upgrades page.

While the Misericorde dagger scales best with Dexterity, it can be a poor choice for some classes or builds. However, it has excellent crit damage and is good for breaking enemy posters. It is also a decent choice for a hybrid build.

If you have high dexterity, you may want to pair it with a higher damage weapon. This way, your Misericorde can deal more damage while still being less vulnerable to critical hits. You can also pair the Misericorde with a weapon that can break enemy Poise, such as a shield. If you have a lot of Dexterity, you can even infuse it with an Ashes of War compatible weapon, which will give it extra damage and debuffs.

Misericorde is a stealthy weapon

The Misericorde is a long, narrow knife used by knights. While it may not seem that stealthy, it is highly effective against the enemies around you. Its high crit and stealth make it a weapon that can help you defeat bosses without being seen.

The Misericorde dagger has the highest critical damage of all weapons in the game. Its default weapon skill is Quickstep and its attributes are Strength and Dexterity. It is found in Stormveil Castle and can be upgraded with Smithing Stones and Ashes of War.

The Misericorde can be enhanced with the Ashes of War and is the highest damage weapon in the Elden Ring. Its Critical Damage is 140, making it one of the best critical damage weapons in the game. However, the downside of the Misericorde is that it’s Bleed, which is broken by other melee weapons. You can get a Bloodstained Dagger that scales with Strength, but you’ll need 9 STR or more to wield it properly.

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