Where to Find Mantis Blade in Skyrim

If you’re looking for a Legendary Mantis Blade in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’ve come to the right place. These blades can be found in the room with the Cyberpsycho boss, and they have a very high chance of spawning, so don’t worry if you don’t find one the first time. You can reload your game or use the manual save feature to try again.


If you’re looking for a legendary item in Cyberpsycho, you might be wondering where to find a Mantis Blade. You can find them by purchasing them from vendors, but be warned, vendors may sell lower-quality items and run out of stock randomly. In Cyberpsycho, you can find the blade in Corpo Plaza, the alley behind the Center of Behavioral Health, and at crime scenes. You can also find one in the chest near the garage door, but keep in mind that it may not be in the inventory unless you save your game first.

Cyberpsycho can be a difficult enemy to kill, but the good news is that the mantis blade is very easy to find! You can find it in the alley where you fight the Cyberpsycho boss. It will attack you when you approach it, but will not follow you if you flee the room.

The Cyberpsychos are an early-game enemy that you’ll encounter in the game. You’ll be tasked by Regina Jones to hunt one down. Once you’ve approached one, Regina will call you with details. You can also see the Cyberpsychos’ room on the minimap.

A Mantis Blade is a useful melee weapon in Cyberpsycho 2077. It’s a unique item that has a very high damage output. You can use it to perform devastating attacks and to boost your Reflexes. It deals physical damage by default, but you can also use it to deal chemical, thermal, or electrical damage to your opponents. However, you need to obtain a Mantis Blade in order to use it. You can find these blades in various ripperdocs around Night City.

Once you’ve obtained your Mantis Blade, you’ll need to find a place to place it on your character’s body. It’s important to keep in mind that the Mantis Blades will only be found in higher tier versions. This means that you’ll need to work a little bit to get them in the first place.

Corpo Plaza

If you’re looking for a rare item, you can find a Mantis blade in Corpo Plaza in the City Center district of the game. These items can be purchased from vendors, but they’ll sometimes sell lesser-quality items or run out of stock. You can also find a Mantis blade by randomly visiting the city’s crime scene or interacting with a cyberpsycho fixer.

If you’re unable to find a Mantis blade in Corpo Plaza, you can always use your Street Cred to buy them. The Mantis blade is among the more powerful melee weapons in the game. However, this item is not always spawned, so it’s important to keep your eye out for it.

The best way to get a Mantis blade is to head to the City Center District and find the Corpso Plaza side job. Once you’ve done so, head towards the walled area to find a chest containing a Mantis blade. The chest is located on the right side of the wall.

After the fourth corporate war, Corpo Plaza was rebuilt to reflect the megacorporation’s power. The buildings were built as a symbol of power and superiority, while the Memorial Park was constructed as a memorial to the victims of the war. Corpo Plaza is a bustling area, with a constant flow of corpo suits and NCPD officers patrolling the area.

Once you’ve obtained a Mantis blade, you’ll have access to the Legendary Mantis Blade. This powerful blade can be used to slash enemies, and it scales with your level. The Legendary Mantis Blade is an excellent way to boost your power level and make melee encounters easier. The game is available for PC, PS4 Stadia, Xbox One, and PS5 and will soon be coming to Xbox Series X and PS6.

The Mantis blade is one of the fastest weapons in the game. It allows you to perform deadly slashes with a fast leap. It’s also powerful enough to use as a close range weapon. The mantis blade’s damage is physical, not thermal, so it’s more effective against almost any target.

Elden Ring

The Mantis Blade is a curved sword that has a small blade on both ends. This sword is commonly used by Cemetery Shades, the insect-filled grave keepers in the world of Elden. The blade is incredibly sharp, and when used against an enemy, it can unleash a huge slash. Fortunately, this sword isn’t hard to find, but you have to know where to look for it. It can be found in the northernmost part of the dungeon, called the Grand Lift of Dectus.

If you’re looking for the mantis blade in Elden Ring, there are a few different locations where you can find it. Firstly, the Cemetery Shade will drop it in the Hero’s Grave, which is in Gelmir. Another location where you can find the Mantis Blade is the Elden Ring map. It can be used to get to locations around the city, and also contains helpful maps of the area.

You can also find the Mantis Blade in Mt. Gelmir, which can be reached from the western side of the Altus Plateau. To get there, you need to get a Dectus Medallion. After obtaining this, you can go to the Grand Lift of Dectus, which can connect northern Liurnia to the Altus Plateau. Once you have one, you can head north and use the Mt. Gelmir as your base.

Mantis blade can also be found in the Hero’s Grave dungeon in the Mt. Gelmir zone. The dungeon contains sloped pathways, which you must avoid in order to get to the Mantis Blade. This dungeon is also the location where you’ll find the Cemetery Shade, a boss that requires the Mantis Blade to kill.

Norio Akuhara

Legendary Mantis Blades are obtainable in Cyberpunk 2077. These blades are installed by ripperdoc and are great for slashing your enemies. These blades can be found early in the game and are available at all character levels.

When Norio first began to suffer from this condition, he began to suffer from blackouts and gaps in his memory. He eventually sought treatment from Dr. Colin Thevaniz who prescribed him medication. However, the drugs didn’t work, so he stopped taking them.

Norio Akuhara’s location in the game is near the center circular building in the city center. It is a popular location for players as they can take down his peers while maintaining a healthy amount of health. Besides being a great melee fighter, he also has a katana that can be wielded by players. His attack power is also impressive, which means he can be a great option for mid-level players.

The Legendary Mantis Blades can be obtained from the same location. Regina will warn you to be careful of Cyberpsychos when you’re approaching Norio. Once you’re able to kill this Cyberpsycho, it will drop a Legendary Mantis Blade for you.

Legendary Mantis Blades are obtained after you complete Act 2 of the game. They can be obtained from a chest near Corpo Plaza where Norio Akuhara appears. However, this chest won’t always drop a Mantis Blade. Therefore, it’s important to save your game first before entering the alley.

You can also find Legendary Mantis Blades in the crate where Norio Akuhara fights the Cyberpsycho. The battle with the Cyberpsycho is optional but is quite difficult. Afterwards, Akuhara will disappear into the side alley on the left. He will leave the scene when his health is below 50%.

Cyberpsycho is the enemy you face in Cyberpunk 2077. This enemy will attack you from behind, so it’s important to be careful. You need to use weapons with a lot of damage to take out this Cyberpsycho.

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