Genshin Impact – Starconch Locations Route For Yelan’s Ascension

Genshin Impact is available for iOS, Android, and PC. It can also be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game is a sandbox style shooter that puts you in the shoes of a ninja. It will test your skills and patience, and will give you a thrilling adventure.

Guili Plains

The new update to the World of Warcraft brought about a new hero class, Yelan. These five-star Hydro bow users have their own unique dice theme. They also have abilities that scale based on their HP, including a burst that buffs any active player on the field. The Yelan is perfect for the sub-DPS hydro applicator role, and he brings some great benefits to groups that use multiple element types. The new update also gave us a new boss to kill, the Ruin Serpent. Below, we will list the materials that Yelans can use to power up their talents.

A new item called the Genshin Impact Starconch can be used to build a Yelan, and you can get it from the seasides south of Guili Plains. It has a unique sparkle, and can only be found in certain locations in Liyue. A starconch is a round blue shell that sparkles when approached.

A new reward is now given for completing a Guili Plains quest. Instead of receiving Crowns of Insight, the reward is a Mora, Horsetail, or Snapdragon. Travelers will receive compensation for these changes. In addition, the sorting rules in the Character Selection page have been altered for ascended characters. You can choose the character type based on the skills and talents you wish to learn. For example, a character with a strong shield ability will do well in the Genshin Impact challenge.

Guyun Forest

The Guyun Forest is an area where you can find a lot of treasures. This area also offers two unique challenges: one is based on traversal and the other is based on combat. This area is not an easy place to explore so make sure you have prepared enough to overcome these challenges. To begin, fast travel to the Domain of Guyun, which is south of the Geo Hypostasis boss location.

The Guyun Stone Forest is made up of islands. The Lustrous Stone is found in Guyun every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. This item can also be purchased from the Hidden Palace of the Lianshan Formula near Mingyun Village.

The first route focuses on the shores of the eastern edge of the Liyue region near two waypoints. This path has the least combat and few impediments. It can take five to ten minutes to farm the material and will yield you 18 Starconch. It also has a great mining node.

Another new boss in the Chasm is the Ruin Serpent. You will need to unlock the Chasm’s underground area before you can take on the Ruin Serpent. After you have done this, you can head straight for the Ruin Serpent’s area. Be careful of Genshin bosses, though; they respawn quickly.

Yaoguang Shoal

The latest update to the game brings two new characters: the five-star Hydro archer Yelan and the four-star electro sword consumer Kuki Shinobu. These two characters have unique abilities, which scale with the player’s HP. In addition, they now come with a new set of ascension materials.

Those who are in the game should first make sure they have access to the Yaoguang Shoal. It can be reached from the eastern Starglow Cavern teleporter in Dragonspine. From there, you can travel to the coastline of Mingyun Village and continue to the Yaoguang Shoal.

The Yaoguang Shoal contains a sandy beach in the east. The beach is a great place to farm starconches because it has a good amount of them. This route also has a few Hilichurl encounters. It takes about five minutes to farm the starconches. You’ll also find Cryo Whopperflowers near the sandy islands.

The Yaoguang Shoal is a major area for farming Starconches. It’s easy to farm these stars in the Yaoguang Shoal and the surrounding area. However, you should be aware that the stars will respawn after three days. In order to get a better chance of finding more, it’s best to use a character with a shielder.

You can also craft higher denominations of Varunada Lazurite through Alchemy. The higher denominations of Varunada Lazunite can be made by combining three lower-tier Varunada Lazurite Slivers. It’s also possible to craft a Fragment of the same material.

Varunada Lazurite

In the newest patch, Varunada Lazurite is now available as a material for Yelan’s ascension. In addition, if you’ve gathered a sufficient amount of Runic Fang, you can craft the Insignia from Fatui enemies. This quest will also require you to gather a large quantity of Mora. The materials can be found in the newest content, so be sure to read up on where to find them.

For those unfamiliar with the material, Varunada Lazurite is naturally dropped by Hydro boss enemies such as Hydro Hypostasis and Rhodeia of Loch. You can also find this material on the beaches of Liyue, including the beaches in Guyun Stone Forest and Yaoguang Shoal. In addition, you can also gather Insignia Materials by scavenging around the open world and defeating Fatui Skirmishers, Cicin Mage, and Pyro Agents.

In addition to Varunada Lazurite Stones, you can also collect Starconch from the local souvenir stores in Mondstadt and Liyue. You’ll need a minimum of 168 Starconch to ascend as a Yelan. Gathering the materials in advance is recommended to avoid losing your progress, as some are respawnable every two days.


You can farm Starconches in the Liyue region below Dragonspine, but they can take several days to respawn. In order to level up Yelans quickly, you should focus on collecting the most Starconches possible.

Starconches are easy to spot and will sparkle in the sand. You can add them to your inventory and use them as Ascension Material. You will need at least 168 Starconch to level Yelans and Childe. This is why farming is essential, as you can only find 77 of them per day, and you will need to spend several days farming them.

Starconches can be collected from beaches in Liyue and in the Guyun Stone Forest. The best characters to use for this task are Yanfei and Qiqi, as they both have passive talents that can help you farm Starconches quickly and efficiently. It can take you up to three days to collect one Starconch, so make sure you build stamina and use shields before you begin collecting Starconches.

Starconch locations are generally near teleport waypoints. Using teleport waypoints will give you a better chance of harvesting them. The easiest way to farm Starconches is to travel from a teleport point or a Domain. Keep in mind that each Starconch resets every three days, so you’ll need to farm them multiple times.


If you want to build a Yelan, you will need to farm the special material known as Starconch. This item is found on the beaches of Liyue and in the Guyun Stone Forest. You will need 168 Starconches to ascend to Lv. 90. The location of these materials is indicated on the Genshin Impact map.

In the new version of Genshin Impact, players can also acquire Yelan, a 5-star Hydro character. To obtain the ascension material Yelan, you need 168 Starconch. Starconch is a rare material, so you must collect it to get the coveted star icon. In addition, you can wish on a banner that says “Discerner of Enigmas” if you want to have a high chance of pulling Yelan.

The easiest way to farm Starconches is to use Teleportation. While teleporting to a location, you can collect up to a dozen shells per trip. It takes a couple of days for each shell to respawn, so if you’re able to farm up to twenty shells at a time, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your quest.

You’ll need a few different materials for each character. Using a guide will help you learn more about your character’s specific requirements. For example, a certain character’s specialization requires that he or she have a certain local specialty in order to level up.

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