Genshin Impact Shenhe Weapons Tier List

The Genshin Impact Shenhe weapons tier list consists of a number of different weapons. These are not necessarily the best weapons, but they are still acceptable to use and you can upgrade them fairly quickly. They are also the least powerful weapons you can equip as a Shenhe.

Wavebreaker’s Fin

Wavebreaker’s Fin is one of the top Genshin Impact weapons, and it is an excellent choice for tanking. It greatly reduces the enemies’ resistance to physical and elemental damage. It also has a 60 percent chance to generate Elemental Particles, which can be used to recharge your team’s Elemental Burst. However, it lacks the innate attack power of Catch. However, it is one of the most common weapons recommended for Shenhe.

Another popular weapon for Shenhe is the Black Tassel. This weapon increases normal attack damage and also has a passive effect that increases attack speed. It also increases the damage dealt to slimes. Aside from being a solid choice for tanking, it is also an excellent choice for DPS playstyles as it increases critical rates.

Another great bow that can help tanking is the Skyward Harp. It represents the connection between Venti and the Anemo Archon and allows you to deal damage while casting elemental skills. In addition to increasing your critical rate, this bow also gives you increased ATK and DMG. It is also a Genshin Impact weapon.

Wavebreaker’s Fin is another four-star polearm, which is obtained through the Weapon Event Wish in Genshin Impact. Its Elemental Burst DMG increases by 0.12% for every point of your party’s energy capacity, and 0.29% for every point of combined maximum Energy. This makes it a great choice for tanks, and it can increase your DMG by up to 40%, 60%, or even seventy percent.

Shenhe has an extra stat called ATK%, which makes her weapon much more potent. With this extra stat, she can increase her base attack by as much as six hundred points. Her crit rate increases by up to 22 percent, which means that her power is even higher. This weapon can also be a great choice for support or main DPS roles.

Primordial Jade Cutter

If you’re looking to level your Shenhe character quickly, then it’s worth checking out the Genshin Impact weapons tier list. This list will help you choose the right weapon for your Shenhe. Here, you’ll find a comparison of all of the Shenhe weapons, and you’ll find out how each weapon stacks up against the others.

When selecting a weapon, you should consider the different stats it gives you. For example, a two-handed sword that increases ATK and damage by 30% is ideal for a DPS character. It’s also great for supporting characters, as it gives them elemental control and bonus ATK and DMG.

If you’re looking to buy a four-star weapon, the Wavebreaker’s Fin is a solid choice. This Wish-exclusive weapon has an amazing base attack of 620, and a passive ability that increases Elemental Burst damage by your team’s energy capacity. This makes it one of the most versatile weapons in the game.

Genshin Impact’s three-star Polearm, the Halberd, is one of the most versatile and effective three-star weapons. It also gives Shenhe some great benefits, including an attack substat of 160. It is also a decent substitute for higher graded weapons.

The Solar Pearl, which has an excellent base ATK, is another good choice. The Solar Pearl’s innate AoE DMG increases on Normal and Charged Attack hits, and it can outperform some B-Tier weapons. Its charged attack bonus can also be quite effective if you have a character with high ATK and DMG from Charged Attacks.

While the Ayaka is a nice placeholder for a low-level character, it is not a good choice for an advanced character. If you’re looking for an overkill weapon, you might want to go with a Serpent Spine weapon instead. This weapon can save up to 20% ER and is a solid stat stick, but is still a poor choice for mid-tier playstyle.

Skyward Spine

The Skyward Spine is a great addition to Shenhe’s arsenal, increasing her crit rate by eight percent and increasing her normal attack speed by 12%. It also gives her a fifty percent chance of triggering her Vacuum Blade, which deals forty percent of her Attack damage in a small Area of Effect. While there are some limitations to the Shenhe weapons tier list, these weapons are still excellent options.

The Genshin Impact can be crafted with Northlander Claymore Billet and Crystal Chunks. It is a great choice for DPS and supports as it increases elemental damage, burst damage, and ATK. This weapon also improves the damage you deal with normal attacks, and it’s also a Genshin Impact weapon.

If you are looking for the best Genshin Impact weapon, this is it. Its base attack is 608 and it has a 66.2% bonus to crit damage. Crits are king in Genshin, and this weapon gives you the advantage. The only downside is that it does require the wielder to be below 50% HP in order to use it properly.

The Widsith catalyst is another top weapon in Genshin Impact. Its lightning strike is great for dealing extra damage, and it adds to the ambiance of the game. In addition, it increases the wielder’s attack by 120% and increases the weapon’s elemental damage by 96. It also increases the wielder’s elemental mastery by 480 points.

The Genshin Impact sword is available in Paimon’s Bargain shop. This sword gives the wielder increased attack whenever they defeat an enemy. The effect is stackable up to three times, and it resets after the third use. The tier list also features passive skills, which provide unique buffs. While they don’t rank as high as Base ATK, they are still important when it comes to effectivity in battle.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

Despite being delayed by around three weeks, the next Genshin Impact shenhe weapons tier list is here! This update is filled with new events and quests, as well as some fantastic new weapons and abilities. This tier includes the new weapon banners of Yelan, Xiao, Aqua Simulacra, and the Primordial Jade Winged-Sword.

The Primordial Jade Winged-SPEAR is a powerful weapon, granting your character a 12% boost to DMG over six seconds. Its high Base ATK, combined with a 22% Crit Rate, make this one of the best Polearms in Genshin Impact. It is also a relatively easy weapon to build with!

This weapon can be used by Shenhe in teams centered around her. It has a five-star quality and a high base attack of up to 674. It also provides an increase in Crit Rate based on character level. It can be stacked up to four times, resulting in an excellent DPS weapon.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spears have an excellent base attack and a high crit rate. This weapon is an excellent choice for Xiao and Xiangling teams, and is capable of giving a strong boost to their abilities. It is also a strong choice for a full Liyue team, especially if you’re planning on using it for your Xiao and Xiangling. With two stacks, it can outperform the five-star weapons.

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spell is one of the best weapons for Shenhe, but you’ll need to use it wisely. Its damage rating is quite high for a two-handed weapon, and its AOE effect will give Shenhe great DPS. You can use it to deal damage to enemies and heal teammates. The best use for this weapon is against Cryo opponents.

Blackcliff Pole

Genshin Impact Shenhe weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game. These weapons can be crafted with a wide variety of materials, including Crystal Chunks, Starsilver, Stone Tablets, and Northlander Claymore Billet. They also boost the damage from elemental skills, normal attacks, and critical hits.

In Genshin Impact, the Blackcliff Pole is a great option. This weapon can be obtained through Paimon’s Bargains, and increases your character’s attack and critical damage after defeating an enemy. This weapon is also extremely versatile, and is a good choice for team battles or dungeon runs. Xiao can use the Blackcliff Pole to enhance her critical damage. She also uses it as part of her quests to acquire the materials to make her Dragonspine Spear.

The Blackcliff Pole is one of the best free weapons for Shenhe. The weapon increases the wielder’s critical rate by 3.23% per second and their attack speed by ten percent. It also has a 50% chance to activate a vacuum blade which deals attack damage to enemies in a small AoE. In addition, its passive provides an energy recharge. This makes it an ideal choice for a 5-star Genshin Impact weapon.

Dragon’s Bane is another useful Genshin Impact weapon. This weapon will grant increased damage to enemies affected by Pyro or Hydro. It also grants increased elemental mastery as a passive. Additionally, this weapon increases critical damage by five times. As long as you play the character with a hard-hitting style, this weapon is an excellent choice.

The Amos’ Bow is another good choice for DPS characters. It increases attack and damage and allows you to cast elemental skills. Ganyu and Yoimiya will benefit from this weapon as it increases their elemental abilities.

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