Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan World Quest in Genshin Impact

To start the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan world quest in Genshin Impact, players must wait until the next Daily Reset. Once this happens, they must head west from the southern Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru City. After a short distance, they will meet Drusus. The quest itself is relatively straightforward, consisting mostly of speaking to Drusus and visiting the designated sites indicated by the quest navigation tool.

Unlocking Drusus’ Riddles

The treasure of wisdom world quest is a new one that came out with the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, which added new enemies, locations, quests, and achievements. To unlock Drusus’ riddles, players must visit certain places. The first place is Sumeru City, where players will find a Notice Board. There, they can find the first riddle: “A lighthouse on a bridge is homeward in alternating day cycles.”

In order to unlock Drusus’ Riddles, players must first complete the Archon Quest, which is a mandatory step to progressing in the game. Once the Archon quest is completed, players must visit the Bulletin Board in Sumeru City, located northeast of the southern Teleport Waypoint. To unlock the Riddle Notes, players must start with Riddle Note #1 and then move to Riddle Note #2 and #3. The fourth Riddle Note is located behind a metal column in the Grand Bazaar fountain. Afterwards, players must walk under a bridge and climb the lily pads.

The Treasure of Wisdom a New Plan World Queast is the follow-up to the Drusus’ Riddles World Quest and is not difficult to complete. This new quest requires the player to solve a series of riddles, and this article will serve as a guide. After solving all the Riddles, players must find Drusus near the shore, near the Sabzeruz Festival.

The bulletin board is located on Treasures Street in Sumeru City, across from the receptionist of the Adventurers’ Guild. Once the player has completed Act I and Chapter III, Kamal, the Branch Master of Sumeru’s Adventurers’ Guild, will ask if the player would like to solve Drusus’ Riddles. Drusus is a researcher at the Akademiya, and he will tell them where the treasure is hidden.

Unlocking Drusus’ Riddle will give you a unique opportunity to earn a unique prize. These quests are not only rewarding, but will allow you to gain experience in the game. They can also be a great way to earn gold.

Unlocking Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan

The next world quest you can unlock in Genshin Impact is called Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan. To begin the quest, you need to head west from the southern Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru City. Then, you must talk with Drusus. This is a relatively easy quest to complete and will reward you with some great rewards.

There are many different ways to do this quest. You can either skip it completely, or try to get the most gold in the shortest amount of time possible. In addition to the regular treasures, you can also unlock a hidden achievement and a bunch of primogems. For this quest, you must have completed the Aranyaka Part 2 quest.

Unlocking Sumeru Reputation: You must earn enough Sumeru Reputation points to gain the Sumeru Reputation. Depending on the amount of Reputation EXP you get, you can get more reward items. You can get Reputation points by completing Sumeru Quests and other tasks.

Completing the global quest

The latest global quest in World of Warcraft is Completing the Treasure of Wisdom. This quest requires you to solve a series of puzzles. The rewards are useful items and reputation points. As you progress through the quest, you will need to collect the correct treasure. You can do this by following the marked path.

The quest is relatively easy to complete. The first part of it involves speaking with Drusus. You can find him in southwest of Sumeru City. When you come across him, he will appear on your mini-map. After that, you must head west, towards the southern Teleport Waypoint.

Once you reach the Sumeru Teleport Waypoint, you can talk to Drusus. The quest icon will be displayed above his head. Once you talk to Drusus, you must follow his directions to complete the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan. Unlike Drus’ Riddles, this World Quest is a lot simpler than the previous ones.

Before you can complete the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan global quest, you must have completed the Drusus’ Riddles quest in Act 2. To do this quest, you must solve the riddles on the Bulletin Board of Sumeru City. Once you complete them, you will be given a quest reward. However, there is a catch: to find the treasure, you will need to wait until the next daily reset.

Meeting Drusus

Meeting Drusus in the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan is a new world quest in Genshin Impact. It follows on from the Drusus Riddles Quest, and is relatively straightforward to complete. To start the quest, head northeast of Sumeru City’s southern Teleport Waypoint. You’ll first need to visit a bulletin board to find the riddles, and then proceed to the shoreline, where Drusus will be waiting.

Meeting Drusus in the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan is a fun world quest, and requires no prior experience. To complete it, simply talk to Drusus and visit quest navigation locations. You’ll find a quest icon over Drusus’ head. Then, proceed to the next zone. This world quest is much easier than solving the Drus’ Riddles.

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