Path of Papers – Sumeru Guide

The Path of Papers is a world quest that begins in Sumeru City. You can start this quest by visiting Niloofar, an NPC located near the entrance to Akademiya. After you’ve completed the world quest, you’ll receive the Answer Time achievement.

Static Views

If you’re looking for a new challenge in Path of Papers: Sumeru, try the Static Views Quest. This world quest will take you through a new part of Sumeru, and you’ll need to find hidden chests to complete it. Luckily, there are some helpful guides for finding these chests.

The Static Views world quest is part of the Genshin Impact Aranara questline, which involves helping Aranara. While the questline doesn’t involve forest creatures, you’ll still need to help Aranara and find treasure chests in order to progress. Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4, PC, and mobile, and a Switch version is in development.

The Static Views quest rewards Primogems and a hidden achievement. To complete this quest, you must complete all Mysterious Clipboard Locations – except for Location 9. After you finish the tenth location, Static Views will appear on your Quest List. However, it’s important to note that this quest is very buggy. Sometimes, it doesn’t show up on the Quest List at all – but this bug can be resolved by relogging.

For the Static Views quest, you need a Dream Version of Vanarana and a Vintage Lyre. They can be found near Silapna, south of the Statue of the Seven. You can also find a Mysterious Mailbox in Sumeru, a place you can use to collect paintings. The next step is to paint a picture of the location.

Gourmet Supremos

In the World Quest series, Gourmet Supremos is one of the factions you can join. The group is comprised of three people who are interested in local cuisine. To complete this quest, you need to collect ingredients from different places, including the Sacred Sakura tree. If you’re stuck in this quest, you can check out the guide below.

This quest is available in two variants: the normal and Xiangling’s versions. To unlock the latter, you must first complete the regular daily commission quest, which requires you to speak to Chef Mao and then complete the Xiangling version.

The quest Gourmet Supremos is located in Yashiori Island, near the Momiji-colored court domain. You must travel to the island to visit Gourmet Supremos. You must also explore the area for new seagrass. In addition to that, you’ll need to use a cube device to depress the water level, which is defended by Ruin sentinels. Once you’ve successfully completed the quest, you’ll get a recipe for Onigiri.

While the game can be difficult at times, it’s worth persevering through each world quest. It’s worth the effort because the reward is so rewarding. You can earn high-level gear and get better at your favorite activities. With a little luck, you’ll find a new friend to play with.

Genshin Impact has a reputation system that rewards players for completing the game’s missions. There are ten Reputation levels to unlock. The reward amount depends on how many Reputation EXP you’ve earned. These are all unlocked from the Reputation menu in the lower left corner of the screen. You can also unlock the Tree of Dreams and the Universal Fungus Domain to improve your reputation.

Cost-Effective Hook

If you’re looking for a new World Quest to do in Path of Papers: Sumeru, you may want to check out the Cost-Effective Hook. This quest is easy to complete and involves helping Kayvan, an angler, catch monsters and provide bait. To unlock this quest, you’ll need to earn enough reputation points on the Sumeru Reputation board.

To complete the Path of Papers World Quest, you’ll need to talk to Akademiya researcher Niloofar, who is familiar with Alrani, an enemy you must kill in order to complete the quest. He can be found inside a cage. After you defeat him, you’ll receive the Answer Time Achievement and 5 Primogems.

Effendi is a Reputation Advisor for Sumeru. He can be found in the northeastern corner of Sumeru City, next to the spiral steps. To access the Sumeru Reputation board, you must have reached Adventure Rank 35 and completed the previous Archon Quest.

Unlocking the Sumeru Tree of Dreams

In the latest update of the Path of Papers of the Sumerus, you can now unlock the Tree of Dreams, an interactive tree in Sumeru. Just like the Sacred Sakura of Inazuma, the Tree of Dreams is located in Sumeru. To unlock it, you need to complete two world quests in the Aranyaka region. After completing both quests, you will be transported to Vanarana, where the Tree of Dreams can be found.

The Sumeru Tree of Dreams rewards you with a number of items. Among them are various Dendro Sigils. These Sigils have a variety of incredible benefits. If you are a Sumeru player, you should be sure to complete the quest lines and unlock the Tree of Dreams before the patch ends.

Unlocking the Tree of Dreams in Path of Papers of the Sumeru is not an easy task. It requires a large amount of skill and experience. Luckily, the rewards are pretty huge. In some cases, you can receive hundreds of items. The rewards of this World Quest series are enormous. If you are able to unlock it, you will be rewarded with the Vanarana Statue of the Seven.

After completing the Ghandarva Ville quest, you can start working on the Path of Papers of the Sumerus. The first step of this quest involves meeting Niloofar, an Akademiya researcher who has knowledge of the Sumeru region. You can also meet Alrani in this quest, who is a former traveler.

Unlocking the Tree of Dreams in Path of Papers of the Sumeru world quest requires you to visit the Sumeru region. This will also require you to clear withering zones and visit Vimara Village. In addition to that, you can also obtain Primogems.

Finding Niloofar

The Path of Papers is an open world role-playing game. It is part of the Genshin Impact 3.0 expansion. Upon completing the Sakoku Decree, you can start the world quest by finding Niloofar, an Akademiya researcher. He is familiar with the Alrani, a character you’ve met in previous quests. This quest will give you the opportunity to speak with Alrani again, and you can complete the achievement “Answer Time.”

Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll be given access to several more Sumeru Quests. The first one, “Courage is in the Heart,” is a hidden quest that requires you to help Arashakun defeat a Slime. It requires you to travel to a cave and a small hut.

A second quest in this quest is called “Strong Wind.” It requires the player to complete the path of papers in a short time, and is difficult to complete. However, the rewards for completing the quest are very impressive. The player is rewarded with a Shrine of Depths key, as well as various weapon materials.

Another major benefit of Genshin Impact is the Reputation Board. It is similar to the other Reputation Boards in the game. However, you must first complete the Archon Quests and Act II to gain access to the Reputation Board. You can then complete the world quests and Bounties and boost your Reputation within the region.

This world quest is also the best way to get a new weapon. Once you’ve got the basic weapons and armor, you’ll have a chance of finding Niloofar. You’ll also meet with a Mercenary named Paimon and five Stretchy Geo Fungus. After completing all five, the quest will be completed and you’ll earn a Hero’s Wit EXP Book. You can also gain 5 Primo as a reward for completing the task.

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