How to Get Out of Crunchyroll Beta

The beta version of crunchyroll has several restrictions. Some of them are: AdLock, Game Passes, Restrictions on syncing with cellular data, and ad-blocking. These limitations are the main reasons why many people have trouble getting out of beta. But there is another way out: using an older version of crunchyroll.


If you want to watch Crunchyroll without ads, install the AdLock extension on your browser. It blocks ads on Crunchyroll, and it’s updated regularly with new filters. To use AdLock, first turn off “Show ads on this page.” Then go into the settings and check for updates.

There are many ways to get out of a beta version of AdLock. You can either install an ad blocker extension or switch browsers. Alternatively, you can use the Brave browser and Tor. Both of these browsers block ads and provide decent privacy protection.

Alternatives to adblocking

If you’ve been frustrated by ads on Crunchyroll, you may want to try using alternative ad blockers. You can install an Adblock browser extension in your web browser, but there are some important differences between this extension and others. Some block ads on other sites, while others block only ads on Crunchyroll. These extensions are designed to work with different browsers and have different levels of blocking.

AdGuard is one such tool. It used to be a little less effective on Safari, but it has recently improved with several new updates. It also complies with Apple’s policies and restrictions on developers. You can download it from the App Store. In addition to blocking ads, AdGuard also installs security measures and a tracker blocker. It also alerts you to suspicious activity on your device, so you won’t visit malicious websites.

Limitations on Game Passes

There are many complaints about the new Beta version of Crunchyroll. Users are reporting difficulty navigating the website, random resets, and black screens. Some have even started a petition asking for a rollback to the Classic version. But Crunchyroll has clarified that there is no going back as of June 2021. It seems as if the designers are not on the same playing field as consumers.

If you’re in the beta version of Crunchyroll, you can claim three months of Xbox Game Pass for free. This deal applies to new Premium subscribers, free trial users, and existing Game Pass members in most countries. However, there are restrictions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong SAR.

Availability of Crunchyroll Beta

Crunchyroll has just launched a new beta version of its website that features a mobile-friendly design, redesigned browse pages, and a personalized recommendations feature. Besides these, it also offers a more user-friendly search system and improved curated collections. Users can now search for their favorite shows and movies based on genre, language, and new episodes.

Crunchyroll has over a hundred million registered users and four million subscribers. The beta version will include improved search capabilities, mobile-friendly browsing experience, and a new feature called Crunchylists. Users will be able to create and organize their own Crunchylist, personalizing their anime selections.

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