Google Drive is getting an important security feature

Google Drive is getting an essential security feature that will allow you to safeguard your files from possibly suspicious or hazardous files in the future. This functionality was initially introduced by Google during its Cloud Next 2021 conference, which took place in October. This feature is now being made available to the general public by the corporation.

This will enhance security

This is a much-needed function, as a large number of individuals download files from unknown sources and then share them with others via Google Drive. Some folks receive Google Drive-linked files immediately in their Gmail inbox. Fortunately, the most recent update provides users with enhanced security, which will keep them secure from any harmful information.

This feature will be activated by default, so there will be no need to turn it on explicitly. When you access a potentially suspicious or risky file in the Google Drive app, the app will immediately give you an alert or warn you about it. To assist users in protecting themselves and their organisations against malware, phishing, and ransomware, a yellow warning banner will be shown at the top of the screen.

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To give you an example, if you are accessing a file, photo, or document in Google Drive, the app will perform a brief scan and display the following notice if it suspects something – “The file appears to be suspicious.” It has the potential to be utilised to steal your private information.”

It is important to note that when accessing Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings, these sorts of warnings are already present. Google has only recently begun to roll out this function, so it will take some time before it is available to everyone. Because it is a slow rollout, it should arrive in around 15 days.

Because the Google Drive app is seamlessly linked with Google’s other services, anybody who has a Google account automatically receives 15GB of free storage space. Due to the fact that this cloud storage software is included with every Android smartphone and that it is very simple for users to access data across many devices, the app is widely utilised.

As a result, the use of this software as a file hosting and sharing service has expanded more than ever before in recent years. Given the increased reliance on cloud storage services among consumers these days, Google appears to have recognised the significance of having this alert mechanism in place.

About Google Drive

Using Google Drive, you may save files in the cloud and then access them from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. As to the benefit, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage to everyone with a Google account.

Using a cloud storage service like Google Drive offers several advantages, including the ability to share information more easily and the ability to back up your data from a remote place. However, when compared to competitors such as DropBox and Apple’s iCloud service, Google Drive’s popularity is founded on helpful collaboration capabilities and built-in interfaces with Google’s suite of goods and services.

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