How You Should Use Your Computer to Boost Work Productivity

Your productivity levels determine how much value you provide to your work, so it’s important to ensure a positive work environment. You should use your work hours efficiently to undertake and complete important tasks that contribute to achieving goals.

In this article, we will elaborate on several ways to use the computer effectively for improving work from home productivity.

Clean Your Desktop

Decluttering the desktop on a regular basis is important to stay organized and keep your work files updated. Start by deleting the unnecessary files as it will simplify your work, and you can easily keep the files you need.

Working regularly from home means storing multiple versions of a single file which unnecessarily consumes a lot of storage. It’s imperative to delete redundant files as it will allow you to manage your data effectively. Click here to learn different ways to clean your computer efficiently.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

You can spend time clicking several menus to execute the same action and get to the desired location, or you can quickly open the required window using keyboard shortcuts. There are hundreds of keyboard key combinations that allow for faster functionality.

If you are using Mac, you can create custom shortcuts from System Preferences to open any app quickly or perform a particular action. In Windows, you can use a lot of accessibility keyboard shortcuts to be more productive.

Manage Open Tabs

 Boost Work Productivity

If you have the habit of opening multiple tabs to browse the right information while working from home, try to manage them efficiently. Opening a lot of tabs simultaneously can affect your productivity as you might suffer tab overload and distraction.

Too many browser tabs will also make it difficult to find the right tab quickly and efficiently. In Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, Ctrl + click will allow you to select multiple browsers at once. In Mac, Command + click will perform the same action.

Eliminate Digital Distractions

In the digital world, browsing the net is one of the easiest things that most people can do without putting in any effort. People usually spend a lot of their workday browsing social media and other platforms for non-work-related activities. Checking the phone constantly for social media updates and notifications is a big productivity obstacle.

You may either disable desktop notifications while you are working so that the regular updates won’t distract you. However, checking your LinkedIn feed or Twitter handle once or twice a day will not hamper your work productivity.

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Install To-do List Manager

Nothing can boost your productivity more than managing your to-do tasks list regularly. It helps you stay aligned with your workload and finish your tasks on time. Installing a to-do list task manager can improve your productivity as you can see all the tasks in one single place.

Try to prioritize important tasks so that you can finish your work before the defined deadline. Once you are done with the most important tasks, you can spend the rest of the day doing easy tasks. Update your to-do list regularly based on your every day or weekly workload.

Reduce Browsing Time

 Boost Work Productivity

Working from home means browsing the web for every single task to view accurate and up-to-date information. You need to set limitations and discipline yourself so that you do not spend your valuable time browsing things that will turn down your work productivity graph.

Browse the web only when required and try to stay away from everything that distracts you. You can install internet blocking tools on your computer to stay focused on your work. Whatever tool you download, make sure to install it from a trusted website.

Install an Antivirus App

Having an antivirus application installed on your computer will improve your productivity in many ways. A trusted and responsive antivirus app will nosedive security threats before they enter your network ecosystem.

It will add a security layer to your device, data, as well as network and prevent it from all potential risks that can damage your computer beyond repair. So, make sure to install an antivirus application that also protects from malware for better security.

Store Data in Cloud

One of the key reasons to store your important data in the Cloud is anytime and anywhere access. You can gain access to the data right from anywhere using a tablet or smartphone so long as you sync your cloud account with it and have an internet connection.

Whatever Cloud platform you choose to store data, you can access your account by signing in from across the globe. Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive are some of the commonly utilized cloud storage mediums that give you access to 2 GB of free storage. You can upgrade your storage capacity whenever you want by subscribing to the required data package.

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