Graphic Designing, Great Job Options, and More!

Graphic designing is one such skill set that is valued a lot in recent days. Freelancing has been a booming business for a long time now and it’s been so crucial to learn these excessive skills that are although easily available yet sometimes tricky to acquire. Freelancing as well as full-time jobs now require certain skill sets like these in addition to the course study that has been already acquired by the interested person. Now there are various skills to learn from, some of them are easy and some of them are not so easy.

Most of these skill sets are digitally acquired as after the pandemic most of the companies and employees even opt for WFH (work from home). There are mixed opinions about it as people might feel focused during working from home. While the entire world takes this gradual shift, people realize how much of an impact digitally acquired skills have been doing. Graphic designing has had a thundering effect on the marketing industry recently. In this article we would be discussing the various ways you can learn graphic designing, how is it being used in the modern world, and some pros and cons.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing can briefly be described as visual media serving as a bridge of communication between visuals and humans. Graphic designing helps people communicate and snd showcase their thoughts and ideas visually. It is a very commonly known fact that media and graphics are perceived better by human brains as visuals are easier to understand. It is a fun way of persuading people into listening rather than straight words which can be a little underwhelming and wouldn’t attract people as how the visual media can.

Where can you learn Graphic Designing?

Now there are a bunch of ways that you can learn Graphic designing

  • Home: You can easily learn graphic designing at home by having the necessary pieces of equipment and software. There are a bunch of videos that are available and you can start exploring the software eventually learning and having a breakthrough with the help of little tips and tricks that are available on the internet.
  • Online Course: There are a bunch of online courses that teach graphic designing and even provide you with recorded lectures and teach you A to Z of graphic designing within the comfort of your own home. The key difference between online courses and self-learning would be the typical way of learning and having a planner to learn various steps along the way would be simplified and known whereas for self-learning you would have to decide the things you learn by yourself. Another drawback would be that online courses might keep you focused and help you understand whereas self-learning can result in some motivational problems and procrastinating for a long time.
  • Offline Coaching: There are so many coaching classes nowadays that seem to have multiple classes with multiple specializations. The best part is that you would have someone to supervise as well as know what they are doing. Hence, offline coaching is better sometimes than online

How is it used?

Graphic designing the main purpose is used for digital marketing. With visuals and attractive designs, it is mostly used to attract more customers to the product that the company is trying to promote. Graphic designing is also used a lot in magazines and physical forms of advertisement as after all it is a piece of design that can be very versatile and used anywhere to attract customers.

Graphic designing is also used in product packaging and to make covers or even create an advertisement. Although graphic design usually refers to the still images that a graphic designer works on when you start making animated videos with the help of graphic designing images, it becomes motion graphics which also is used popularly in terms of advertisements.

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Pros and Cons of Graphic Designing

Some of the pros that graphic design can result in are as follows:

  • Graphic Designing can help you earn a decent amount of money. Each design is valued a lot and the more detailed and important the design may be the more you are bound to get paid for it. And if the company does indeed like the work and it profits them in terms of marketing, the more your designs are valued and can help you earn a dime.
  • Graphic design makes the person use their analytical brain and forces you to be creative and work your brain which can yield results that even you might not be aware of. Each design has to be carefully crafted and hence, every design needs to be eye-catching, the more you realize the more creative you get.
  • Another con is that although the design might have a blueprint that you have to work on, you are allowed to showcase your creative skills and be free with the work rather than being restricted within some boundary. You can add as many details as you like and as much creativity for all you know, the company is just gonna love it.
  • Working remotely has to be the best part of the job for they do not require to sit in the office for long hours but just need the design before a certain deadline.

Although there are not many cons, some of them would include:

  • You have to stay in front of a computer at all times which can be very eye-straining and may cause distress as you don’t have much relaxation or on-site work.
  • Very few promotional possibilities as there is not much space to be growing in and hence, growth in this field is very limited unless you switch to motion graphics.
  • Most of the time you will have to work alone, there will be very rare times where you would be able to work with a team but again these are very rare cases.
  • Competitive people are jam-packed in this career option as people know how great it is and hence, the competition in the field has increased a lot over the years.


With that hopefully, you get a great idea about Graphic Designing and how it is, and what to expect in the field. Hopefully, this article was of great use if you were considering taking up the job of a graphic designer.