Top 5 Best Music Streaming Platforms

Songs are such a comfort place for everyone, right? Technology on the upper hand has made it even easier for us to be able to access music at all times. It has been so convenient that we have been able to just listen to the music of our liking anywhere. Songs have been the one source of human comfort stimulating our emotions to an extent where we feel calm and is a great way of coping with overwhelming forms of emotions.

Earlier we had to download loads of songs and then had to put them in a drive and that too we couldn’t really access them anywhere we want but now that we have so many streaming platforms for music, it is much more convenient and great. In this article, we would be discussing the top 5 best music streaming platforms


Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform that was introduced in the year 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify has been one of the best streaming platforms that offer copyright-restricted songs from individuals, record labels, and various other music companies. Spotify currently has around 515 million users with 210 million users having a paid subscription to Spotify Premium. While most of the functions are free such as music listening and creating playlists, some are not such as offline listening or group listening. It is also compatible with most operating systems from mobiles to desktops to AI devices. Hence, because of such great qualities and advantages, Spotify is listed among the best streaming platforms

Apple Music

Apple Music is an audio and video streaming platform that is introduced to the world by none other than Apple Inc. Users can pretty much listen to all songs. It was announced and revealed on June 8 2015 but then was later launched on June 30th, 2015. Most first-time users get anywhere between a month or six months of Apple free trial which depends on the number of products that you have purchased so far.

Although Apple provides a premium experience with its ecosystem, the only downfall which is indeed a major one is that Apple Music is only compatible with Apple’s devices and doesn’t necessarily have any point if you have any other operating system. And hence, Apple has this slight disadvantage in comparison with Spotify.


Amazon Music comes 3rd on the list. Released by the online store Amazon in the year 2007, Amazon Music has been the first streaming platform to provide music globally without any digital rights management. Just like Spotify, Amazon is also available on all operating systems with a vast amount of music from everywhere. Amazon would not be the first choice in comparison to others just because of the branding as well as independent artists choosing to release their music elsewhere which sometimes makes Amazon not have certain music.

Amazon in comparison to Spotify is also pricier and hence is being ranked 3rd on the list. Just because some newer artists don’t have their top priority as Amazon music, that doesn’t mean Amazon doesn’t have its vast variety of music. Amazon also has better integration with Amazon Echo and thus, provides better services alongside Alexa (Amazon’s AI service).

YouTube Music

YouTube music is very popular and the thing is previously on the normal form of YouTube it was accessible to listen to music, the only issue was that your device must be on at all times for you to listen to the music but now you have YouTube music. The great part of YouTube music is that YouTube is a very renowned and popular application on which anyone can upload as they desire. So because of the open-source opportunity, independent as well as huge artists are encouraged to post on the site. Hence, YouTube music is great for listening to music.

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iHeartRadio was launched by the American broadcasting platform that is spread all across every operating system. It is owned by iHeartMedia which was founded in August of 2008. Although iHeart is very renowned and recognized by major countries, it still lacks and is not necessarily wide range when it comes to regional songs all across the globe and hence, lacks a bit of that diversity that most other apps on the list manage to have. Hence, it is placed on 5the th spot on today’s list.


Music is soul-quenching and can be that one source of comfort and relief when you need it the most and it’s being accessible is a great need. These streaming platforms have done a great job at doing that and making it accessible at such comfort levels.