Top 5 Best Apps for Students to Use

Education has evolved a lot over the past years. We have almost moved on completely from using books to using social media platforms or other various digitalized ways of storing and sharing notes. The world has been flourishing in terms of knowledge and education to provide and we have been receiving every single update as soon as possible. Not to mention as we are progressing rapidly towards grasping the great knowledge that we have been discovering all along, we need coping technologies to be able to grasp onto things better, isn’t it?

Students have had a lot of burdens on their shoulders (quite literally with the heavy books or the devices that they have to carry around everywhere). They need something that can lighten their burden rapidly and efficiently and as we all know, technology has been the one source of ease that everyone is freely allowed to use. There are websites with various syllabus-related queries for each university and college and hundreds of applications as well. With this let’s look at the 5 best apps that can in any way or form help students with their work and make the burden of studies just a little lighter.


RefME is an information or notes-collecting app. Using your back camera it can scan the barcode on the books and then generate a format of the book that your institution generally utilizes. RefME can be great and can be used to team up with other users to obtain as much information as you would require. RefME also lets you upload information which can then later allow you to export various other citations that you would need into other tools of your desire.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a very useful cloud storage application that can be very handy sometimes. If you’ve been living under a rock, Google Drive is a storage device that stores all of your documents for free up to 15 GB of space with the help of your email address. Even when your device crashes or unfortunately dies or for whatever reason you cannot access the device, Google Drive can be accessed from anywhere with just your email login credentials, and voila you have your personal storage device ready! Google Drive can not only store files and documents but it can also share with various permission levels.

Google Drive is a great alternative to store your notes and study material and once you are past that semester or class, you can either delete them or you can just keep adding 15 GB.

Study Blue

Study Blue is an educational application that helps students share notes and upload their classwork or homework with others. It can also help them create quizzes and electronic flashcards to study with fellow students. Study Blue is like a social media platform but just for educational purposes so it not just includes sharing and uploading notes, but also connecting with other students who are studying the same subject or course. This app is specifically designed for students studying at a higher level such as high schools, colleges, universities, etc.

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Dragon Dictation

Typing long essays and assignments can get very dull sometimes and take the joy out of studying. With huge college essays or research papers, it can get tiring to type all the information properly without any plagiarism. Dragon dictation is just the application for you if you need a break from typing for a long time. With the help of AI, it is more than easy for students to be able to just speak and have their words turned into text. This can help you save these documents as well as have these lengthy essays done in a fraction of the time that it would’ve taken for you to type them out.


Any note application on your phone is significant. Anyways students are mostly on their phones the entire time, might as well make good use of it. Notes can help you make a planner/schedule and store notes and important assignment reminders in the app which you can check throughout the day at intervals to make sure you are forgetting any required task that is to be done. You can store information about test reminders, work that needs to be submitted by a certain deadline, and much more, so make use of it well.


With this, we wrap up our article by having the 5 best apps that students can utilize to make their lives in the academic period of their life a little more manageable. It is however very important to study but frequent breaks are also something that needs to be prioritized. Take well rest kids and study hard. Hopefully, this article helped.