How to be More Organized with Payroll for your Business – A Guide

It does not take much to understand how important an organized payroll setup within your team is. Organized payroll means life is made so much easier come the end of the month when it is time to pay out staff wages.  

Whether you own a small startup business, a small to medium business, or a large international organization, payroll is one of the most important parts of your business, it needs attention to detail and lots of organization to ensure all goes smoothly. 

Not all businesses have a dedicated payroll department; there are not many payroll teams out there who would not ask for a helping hand when it comes to the end of the month.  Keeping a record of all staff wages and deductions is a huge undertaking. 

This is where paystubs come in and why they are the answer to keeping your work both organized and to a minimum.  Paystubs are downloadable wage slips that can be given to all of your staff. Also, employers can keep a record of wages and deductions given on a monthly basis.  Read on for the benefits for all types of working staff. 

Who needs a Paystub? 

In short, everyone that works and pays tax and national insurance is entitled to receive a paystub from the company they work from on a regular basis. 

Employers – all businesses must legally keep a record of all staff wages and deductions for up to a number of years in case they need to prove what they have paid out.  Paystubs online make it much easier to download and keep a record of these for all staff and keep them organized at the touch of a button. 

Employees – In order to prove income or apply for credit, all staff will benefit from a paystub or wage slip as they are better known.  They clearly show what has been paid that month to them and also what deductions have been made in tax and national insurance.  They are also used for applying for a loan or mortgage as they outline proof of the employee’s income if needed. 

Freelance/Self-Employed – it is much harder for this type of worker; a paystub is needed for proof of income which is the most important thing. Also, when doing end-of-year taxes, a paystub is a way of working out what deductions need to be paid, as taxes are not automatically worked out when self-employed.  Again for the purposes of applying for credit, they are also needed for proof of income if it is asked for. 

Not only can paystubs be used for what has been outlined above, but they can be used to keep track of finances and also proof of previous income when applying for a new job.  They are your key to making sure you are paying the right amount each month for tax and other deductions, so their importance is significant. 

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