Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile

The term hip fire in Call of Duty mobile game means firing from hip. This feature allows the player to shoot more quickly and more accurately. This helps the player defeat the enemy before it kills them. A laser pointer can also be used to increase the accuracy of hip fire. In this article, we’ll look at how to use hip fire in the game and what weapons work best with it.


Pre-Aiding hip fire in Call of duty mobile is a great feature that lets you shoot while not aiming down sights. It is a more accurate way of shooting enemies, but it will add a small animation delay. This feature is especially helpful in close-quarters combat.

Pre-Aiding hip fire in Call of duty mobile is a useful tool in close proximities. While it increases the spread of bullets, it compensates for this by saving time. Especially when two enemies are in a room, it can be used to take both out at once.

Pre-Aiding hip fire in Call of duty mobile is a great way to kill enemies quickly. To make it even more efficient, you can attach attachments to your weapon to improve your accuracy. For example, you can buy a laser pointer to make your hips shoot faster than usual.

Adjusting aim for recoil

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can adjust your aim for hip fire. This shooting mode lets you fire without opening the ADS, which is handy for close-combat situations. However, you should avoid using this mode for long-range combat because the bullet spread becomes larger. You can enable this option in the Settings menu.

To adjust your aim for hip fire, you must know how to choose the right weapon. Generally speaking, an assault rifle, shotgun, or long-range weapon is the best option. You can also learn more about weapon tier lists, loadouts, and news in our COD Mobile section.

Adjusting your aim for hip fire in Call of Duty Mobile requires some practice. It’s more difficult to adjust your aim in close quarters. Moreover, if you’re aiming for a hip-fire kill, you’ll have to shoot with your hip instead of looking down at the sights. This will result in less accurate shots. The recoil from firing will also affect your aim in the subsequent shots.

While hip fire is more accurate than aiming down sights, it has its disadvantages. Your bullets won’t spread very far when you shoot from hip range, which is especially important if you’re in a tight quarters fight. In addition, the hip fire is faster than the ADS, meaning that you’ll have an easier time taking down your enemies.

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can adjust your aim for hip fire by using the Advanced control scheme. The Advanced control scheme will add the hip fire button to your screen. Then, select a weapon loadout with good hip fire accuracy. The Laser is ideal for this purpose. Its accuracy and sprint-to-fire time are two of the most important factors for a hip-fire loadout.

Best weapons for hip-fire

One of the most important aspects of a gun is its hip-fire accuracy. This attribute varies greatly depending on the scope and distance. SMGs, for example, offer great hip-fire accuracy at close range, but the accuracy drops significantly as the distance increases. However, if the player can get good hip-fire accuracy, they can take down opponents with ease.

A good hip-fire weapon will not require the player to spend more than a second to fire. The UL736 has the fastest movement speed of any C-Tier LMG. The UL736 also offers good mobility and an underbarrel attachment, which reduces vertical recoil. The bullet spread accuracy is average, but the UL736 is a good choice for players who want to improve their mobility.

Another way to improve hip fire accuracy is to strafe-shoot. Standing still makes it too easy for enemies to track you and hit you. To prevent this, strafe-shoot while shooting, and keep moving side-to-side. While doing this, you’ll also reduce the amount of time needed to sprint to fire.

Hip-fire is an excellent shooting option in COD Mobile, but you need to know how to properly use it to get maximum effect. This type of shooting mode is particularly useful in close-quarters combat, since the player doesn’t need to aim down the sights to shoot. This technique takes time and practice to become adept at hip-firing, but it is incredibly powerful in close-combat.

The best weapons for hip-fire in Call of Duty Mobile are those that have high accuracy and low recoil. As with any other mode, choosing the right guns is important for getting the best results.

Custom shooting mode

The custom shooting mode in Call of Duty mobile is a feature that is useful for those who prefer playing the game in manual mode. This feature lets you use various weapons and make the gameplay more realistic. In this mode, you can fire bullets at the enemy when your crosshair is over them. The advanced mode allows you to use different guns with greater accuracy and devastation.

The default shooting mode in Call of Duty mobile is Aim Down Sights. You can change it by going into the advanced editor. In the Advanced Editor, you can make granular changes. This way, you can choose the best combination for you. The best part is, there are tons of options for custom shooting modes, and you can choose one that works best for you.

The sensitivity control in Call of Duty mobile is another important setting. Some players prefer high sensitivity, while others prefer low. This feature is also found in the Menu Setting. To learn more about the controls, you can watch Taimienphi’s tutorial. He will show you how to change sensitivity and make it work optimally.

While playing Call of Duty mobile, you can choose from a variety of weapon types. Some of these weapons are suited for close range skirmishes, while others are better suited for longer distance battles. You can also try different firing modes, such as ADS, Hip Fire, and Shotgun.

Custom shooting mode in Call of Duty mobile allows players to customize their weapon sets to match their preferences. In addition, the game has five custom Loadouts that players can choose from. Each player will have a limited number of slots to use, but with the right combination of weapons, perks, and Operator skills, they can make their own unique Loadout.


Gyroscope aiming controls in Call of Duty mobile make a big difference to gameplay. They allow you to see what’s happening around you and aim with your phone while simultaneously moving the screen. Although it may take some getting used to, this new feature will certainly improve your gameplay.

It’s important to choose the right sensitivity for your gyroscope in Call of Duty mobile, but the correct sensitivity setting will depend on your device. It’s important to set your sensitivity according to your comfort level. Depending on your device, you can adjust the sensitivity from one level to another, so try to find a setting that suits you.

To get the most out of the Gyroscope in Call of Duty mobile, use the training mode before playing a match. You’ll be able to improve your aim more by calibrating your settings before your first match. You can also activate the Gyroscope in Call of Duty mobile if you’d like.

The sensitivity setting is also important, as it affects the accuracy of ADS movement. By changing this setting, you will be able to get the best performance from the game. Similarly, you can try changing the sensitivity level of the camera, which will help you achieve the best results.

Call of Duty mobile is one of the most popular mobile games today. It offers many modes, including multiplayer and battle royale. One feature that COD mobile has over its rivals is the ability to adjust the sensitivity level of the gyroscope. This allows players to perform important actions by tilting their smartphone. In addition to controlling weapon recoil, the gyroscope also controls ADS movement.

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