Call of Duty All Bunker Locations and Codes

Call of Duty: Cold War has added a few more bunkers that require a code and Red Access Card to access. These are listed further down the page. The original Call of Duty: Cold War bunkers are still listed, but they now require a Red Access Card. The original Call of Duty: Cold War bunker codes are still listed further down.

Warzone Airport bunker

The Call of Duty Warzone Airport contains numerous hidden bunkers. You can find them near the Radar Array, Bloc 15, Silos, and Airport Maintenence. You can also find them by drilling through the shipping containers. You should be able to find them very easily.

The Tavorsk Park bunker is a good place to get better loot, as the location is well known. However, you have to fight your way through several other teams to get in. The access code for the Tavorsk Park bunker is 60274513.

You can also use the Warzone Park bunker, located between Tavorsk Park and Styor Spomenik. This one is also worth checking out, as it does have a few goodies inside. The Warzone TV Station bunker is a bit difficult to find, but it is accessible. You can find the keypad under the stairs. The code is 27495810. There are also two smaller buildings with keypads.

Another Call of Duty Warzone Airport bunker location you can access is Bunker 11 at the airport. It contains loot and the Mud Drauber MP7 blueprint. You can also activate the phones in this bunker to find out more about the nuke that is being built inside it. However, you must be careful to avoid triggering any hidden codes before entering this secret location.

In Warzone Airport, you can also use a Red Access Card, which unlocks more than ten bunkers. These cards are rare and drop only from legendary crates. You have to be careful though, because chancers will steal them. So, be sure to keep your Red Access Cards safe.

If you are looking to find hidden loot, it’s important to find and use a Red Access Card. The red access card will allow you to access the bunker, but it’s not likely to be open for long. You can also access three WWII bunkers, though they don’t hold a lot of cash, but you can get high-level weapons and armor satchels.

The Cold War Season 1 game update added a new airport bunker. Jumping into the crack in the runway will take you to an abandoned Soviet bunker, complete with supply crates. The location was revealed by Reddit user Mundoschristmas in a video. The airport is a public location, so it should be easy to find if you’re playing Warzone. Nonetheless, you should keep an eye out for new codes in order to find the best weapons and loadout drops.

The North Junkyard Bunker code is 87624851. The South Junkyard Bunker Code is 97264138. You’ll find it northwest of the military base. In addition to the Red Access Card, you’ll need to learn Russian language in order to enter this secret location.

Besides the new World War II era bunkers, the Call of Duty Warzone game has several new locations you can visit. Some of these are easter eggs, while others are hidden locations that can help you unlock better gear. Some of them can be reached using a Red Access Card and others can be unlocked using an eight-digit code.

Styor Spomenik war memorial bunker

The Styor Spomenik war memorial is a place you can go to get loot and unlock hidden features. Luckily, there are many places you can go and find loot in Call of Duty: Styor Spomenick! Here are some locations you can visit and the codes for them.

First, head to F8 on the map. You can reach this location by taking the road near the water and then following the cliffs down to a small stone building. From there, you should be able to reach the bunker. Once you’re inside, enter the code 60274513 on the keypad to enter the location.

There are several World War 2-era bunkers on this map. While they don’t offer much in the way of loot, they do contain high-level weapons and armor satchels. The first one is near the military base, and the second is further north. After that, you can head to Bunker 3. Finally, you can find Bunker 4 in the northwest corner of the map.

Warzone Season 3 is another location with bunkers. In Verdansk ’84, the Warzone location was changed, but the bunkers were retained. The devs of Warzone have teased that they may open these locations in the future.

Boneyard bunker

The Boneyard is a place in Call of Duty: Black Ops II where you can use your keycard to access different locations. There are two different locations that you can go to: the north and the south. The north is near the Train Station, while the south is near the Promenades. You will need a keycard to enter the first location, so make sure you have it ready before you go.

The first location is the Boneyard bunker, which is easily recognizable due to its curved ends. This area is also easier to access from above due to its barred door. The code to unlock the doors is 87624851. After entering the code, the door will open and you can loot the items inside. You may even find a squad waiting for you when you leave.

If you are in the Warzone season, the Boneyard bunker is located in the Warzone POI. You can enter through the red storage containers or through the second entrance marked by a hole in the ground. Depending on the season you are playing, you can also get loot from other players.

The Boneyard Bunker Code can be found in both games, Modern Warfare 2021 and Warzone. Warzones’ Warzone features two locations, and these locations have been explored extensively. However, the Warzones devs have hinted that the Boneyard Bunker will open at some point in the future.

The final location is Bunker 11. It is harder to access, and requires more effort. The player must find a phone. Typically, this phone will be on a desk, but it is possible to use the phone to activate the area. If the phone has a green signal, the door will open. If the player gets an incorrect signal, the bunker won’t open. They must then head back to the first location to try again.

Bunkers 2 and 3 can be found northwest of Boneyard. They are located next to a large building on a hillside. Then, they can be accessed by descending a ladder or stairs. Bunkers 4 can be found in the cliffside above the power buildings. The third location is accessed by a ladder that leads to a large building.

The Warzone mode added three new locations for players to visit. These locations require Red Access Cards, which are available in Legendary Supply Boxes. Players can also collect Red Access Cards by killing enemies in a game. Bunker 11 was sealed by Raven Software at the beginning of Season 2, but it still exists in the Warzone map.

The game is free-to-play, so you can try it out without spending too much. The Call of Duty: Warzone mode will launch on March 10 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game will feature multiple game modes, including a mystery killstreak.

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