How Much Do Contacts Cost at Walmart?

How much do contact lenses cost at Walmart? Walmart offers many types of contact lenses in a wide variety of designs. Prices start at about $110 for a basic plastic lens and go up to $245 for name brand contacts. Walmart offers high index polycarbonate lenses for $350. These are the most durable lenses and cost more. Depending on the type of lenses you need, you may need additional tests and treatment before wearing contacts.

The price of contact lenses varies depending on the brand and the number of replacements you need. If you have complex vision problems, you may need more expensive contacts, so it is a good idea to look for manufacturer rebates or discounts. You may find that colored contacts cost more than other types. Make sure to have your eye doctor’s prescription before purchasing colored contacts. You should also make sure to keep your lenses clean, and store them in a case to prevent them from getting dirty.

Contact lenses at Walmart are made by several manufacturers. ACUVUE contact lenses are the world’s most popular brand, and Johnson produces a monthly disposable lens known as Biofinity. Contact lens prices at Walmart are generally lower than other retailers. Most orders are shipped within seven to ten days, and most are shipped from stock. However, if you do not have vision insurance, you can still purchase your lenses at Walmart.

Another great thing about Walmart is its low-cost vision screenings. The average vision check at the Walmart Vision Center costs $73 for a standard eye exam. It is not uncommon for these to be more expensive than at a private practice, but they are still lower than their competitors. For people who need astigmatism correction or bifocal corrective lenses, they may need to pay an extra $20. Walmart Vision Centers are limited to major insurance plans, so you should check the price with your insurance plan.

Contact lenses at Walmart are inexpensive for people with affordable budgets. A basic vision checkup at Walmart costs only $73, while a standard vision examination at Target costs around $100. If you wear contact lenses regularly, you will need to undergo a special vision exam, which typically costs $105 per box. However, it is possible to purchase contact lenses at a discount from a pharmacy, and many retailers offer discounts for large purchases.

Besides eye exams, Walmart offers glasses and contact lenses at low prices. Walmart Vision Centers also provide free shipping for prescription contact lenses, so you can order them online and pick up your new glasses. Most of the brands are available at Walmart. You can even find a vision center in your area by entering your ZIP code on the store’s website. And, since Walmart is so widespread, you can easily find a nearby vision center.

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