How to Clone WhatsApp messages from someone’s phone [2 situations]

Have you ever wondered how we can clone WhatsApp messages from someone’s phone? It might sound impossible, but it’s not. Who doesn’t know about WhatsApp? It is a social messaging app on multiple platforms, including Android and iPhone. In recent years, there have been security concerns raised about the privacy issues of WhatsApp. With its ability to send pictures, videos, and voice messages to other users, it’s to see why it’s widely used by teens and adults alike.

Cloning WhatsApp messages from someone is a pretty interesting trick. It can be hard to believe that you can do such things when you want to clone someone’s WhatsApp messages. This guide will tell you 2 different ways to do it.

Is it legal to clone someone’s WhatsApp messages?

The short answer is yes. But it depends on different conditions. If the device you wish to clone WhatsApp from belongs to your child, who is under 18 and resides under your roof, it is allowed to clone WhatsApp messages without their knowledge. Because regulations differ from place to place, we urge you to verify your region’s rules before starting.

How to Clone someone’s WhatsApp messages to my phone?

There are two ways to clone someone’s WhatsApp messages to your phone.

First, you can do it without them knowing. You can use third-party software to access someone’s WhatsApp messages and read all of their messages, including those sent to unknown recipients.

Second, you can clone a message that they know about. It is easier if the person whose WhatsApp you want to clone knows about it and is willing to hand your phone to you.

Keep reading to know the details.

Situation 1. Clone WhatsApp messages without them knowing

One of the most successful methods is using a third-party app to clone WhatsApp. You can get whatever WhatsApp data you want from somebody’s phone with a reputable third-party spy application.

1. 1 KidsGuard Pro for Android–A Professional Phone Clone App

We recommend that you use KidsGuard Pro for Android to do this job. You can easily see photos, conversations, videos, and other media sent or received by the target person’s WhatsApp. First, you must install the third-party software on the target device. KidsGuard Pro for Android has been tested and proven to be useful. After installing this software on the target device, all WhatsApp chats will be transferred to your web control panel. This software can easily clone someone’s WhatsApp on any Android smartphone.

1. 2. How to get started with KidsGuard Pro for Android and see their messages [within 5 minutes]

Here are the simple steps you must follow to clone someone’s WhatsApp using KidsGuard Pro for Android. Make sure you follow them carefully.

Step 1:

First, create a KidsGuard Pro for Android account using a valid email address. After that, you must upgrade to a premium subscription to use all advanced monitoring capabilities. You can select a 1-month, 3-month, or 1-year plan. Prices will vary depending on factors.

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Step 2:

After successfully purchasing the tool, you will be sent to the My Products and Orders Management page. Then, select the Setup Guide button and carefully follow the directions to finish certain essential setups on the target Android device.

Step 3:

· Download the KidsGuard Pro for Android assistant from and install it on the target Android Phone.

· Perform some required configurations on the targeted device.

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Step 4:

Log into your KidsGuard Pro for Android account on our website once the target phone has been configured and the app has been installed. You should see the device name and relevant information if everything is successfully configured. To view the target person’s activity and data, go to the dashboard and choose the WhatsApp area. Please remember that the first time you sync data from your phone to the dashboard, it will take some time.

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And it’s done.

Situation 2. Clone WhatsApp messages with the target’s consent

The second way is to clone WhatsApp messages with the target person’s consent. It’s an easy way, but you will need physical access to the target person’s phone.

1. Use WhatsApp Backup

This way is a simple and free way to retrieve the WhatsApp data stored in the restore. But you can’t do real-time monitoring. The best way to clone someone’s WhatsApp messages is by using the WhatsApp backup feature. This feature allows you to back up all the messages and restore them later in case of any problem.

You can clone WhatsApp messages easily by using the backup feature of WhatsApp. You can copy all the messages the target person has received on their phone to your computer or other device and then save it as a file.

2. Steps

Follow the given steps.

Step 1:

Open WhatsApp on the target user’s device. Go to the Menu button and open Settings, then click on Chats, then Chat backup, and turn it on.

Step 2:

Install WhatsApp on a different device, then input the target WhatsApp number and the confirmation code delivered to the target device.

Step 3:

The WhatsApp backup will need to be restored; you can restore it in Google Drive or iCloud.

Step 4:

When the restoration procedure is finished, hit Next, and your phone will show you the messages from the target WhatsApp account. WhatsApp will start recovering files after restoring the conversations.

What else can KidsGuard Pro for Android do?

Here are the features of KidsGuard Pro for Android. It’s more than just a WhatsApp tracker. See yourself.

· You may remotely watch the behaviour of your loved ones by monitoring social media applications. You can perform everything from examining an app’s layout and reading a conversation history to tracking shared multimedia and reviewing app activity statistics. And you don’t need to root your device to use this tool!

· You may monitor all YouTube and TikTok content your children have viewed or searched for and receive warnings for inappropriate topics.

· You may use the built-in GPS or Wi-Fi location-tracking technologies to track real-time locations. You may also create a geo-fence and receive notifications when your loved one enters or quits the virtual border.

· You can see contacts, phone logs, messages, images, video files, internet history, and other information. It is essentially a log of everything on the target device. You may also export and keep this information for the future.

· This software lets you record both the caller’s and the receiver’s voices.

· It captures the target device’s real-time screen and immediately syncs it to you.

· It stealthily activates the target’s back camera to capture images.

· You may listen to a targeted phone’s surroundings by capturing the noises around it.

· You may choose sensitive words; if the target device enters or receives these words, it will store a record and send real-time notifications through email.

Wrap Up

Cloning WhatsApp messages is super easy if you choose the right way. It can be done in a very short time only. We tried to give you all the information required to clone WhatsApp messages from someone’s phone without difficulty. You can use this article without any hesitation while following the instructions carefully.

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