WhatsApp to introduce the ability to pause and resume voice messages

After several months of testing and experiments, WhatsApp has now included the option to pause and restart voice conversations while they are being recorded. Users of the iOS operating system are the only ones who have access to the functionality. Users may now listen to their voice messages before sending them to their contacts, a function that was originally introduced by WhatsApp and called “voice message preview.”

Users of iOS 15 will also benefit from a new Focus Mode, which will be available in addition to the voice message option. WhatsApp is bringing out the new features one by one at this time. It will be made available to all customers in the following weeks.

On iOS, the new pause and restart audio recording functionality is included in WhatsApp version 22.7.75, which is available now. In order to make use of the new functionality, you will need to upgrade your WhatsApp application from version 22.7.75 to version 22.7.76 in the App Store.

“You may now pause and continue recording voice messages while they are being processed. Try it out by swiping up to lock a recording, and then tapping the “pause” and “resume” buttons,” according to the app’s description on the App Store.

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To experiment with the new WhatsApp audio message function, you will first need to slide up and lock your voice recording, after which you may press on the pause and resume icons to stop and restart your recording. WhatsApp began testing the functionality in October, and it was completed in November.

It was Wabetainfo that first broke the news of the functionality, which was not yet ready for a stable version at the time. Users of the iPhone can use the function right now, while Android users may be able to access it in the coming days.

Another new feature for iPhone users on WhatsApp is the new Focus Mode, which allows them to concentrate while talking. Users may choose which contacts they want to receive messages from using this function.

When you activate the Focus Option, you will only receive messages from specified contacts if you have also activated the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone. The feature is included with iOS 15, so if you haven’t upgraded your iPhone yet, you’ll need to do so in order to make use of the new functionality.

Another point to mention is that the WhatsApp beta for iOS has shown hints of an impending functionality that would allow iOS users to import conversations from an Android smartphone. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp was requesting users permission to import their chat history from an Android smartphone in the snapshot seen above. The possibility to transfer the conversation from Android smartphones to iPhones has not been discovered as of this writing.

However, based on how it seems, the procedure would not be as straightforward as it appears. When users connect the two phones, they will need USB connections in order to transmit data between them. Because the function has not yet been made available to beta testers, it is possible that WhatsApp will take some time before making it available to the general public.

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