How to Create Minecraft 16 Dye Colors

There are sixteen dyes in Minecraft, and they can change the color of various items and mobs. You can also use them to change the patterns on banners, beds, and shulker boxes. Using them can also change the text and colors of signs. Luckily, they’re quite easy to create!

Cocoa beans

If you haven’t yet created your own dyes in Minecraft, you might be wondering how to do it in Minecraft 16. First, you’ll need a cocoa bean. These can be found in deserts and jungle biomes. Once you’ve found them, you’ll need to place them in the first crafting grid box, where they will produce a brown dye. Then, you can move them to your inventory. This brown dye can be used to dye various items.

Cocoa beans are a great way to get brown dye in Minecraft. In the jungle biome, you can find them growing on the trees. Once you’ve harvested a few of these beans, place them into the crafting grid. You’ll get a brown dye instead of a green one. In Minecraft 16, you can create sixteen different dyes in the game.

When you want to make a brown dye, you’ll need cocoa beans, which can be found on jungle trees. Alternatively, you can pick them up from wandering traders. Earlier, you’d have to dig through chests to find cocoa pods, but you can now find them in the jungle.

Cocoa beans are very common in the jungle biome. However, finding them can be difficult. You can’t find them in every jungle tree, and you’ll need to spend some time looking. There are three stages in which cocoa bean pods grow. In the first stage, they’re small and tan, and the third stage is when they become large. You can speed up this process by using bonemeal on the cocoa pods.

Making your own dyes isn’t difficult. Most of them require an item from the Crafting Table, but some require a bit more work. See the table for any special requirements. Also, remember that you can combine different dyes with the same item. For instance, you can craft two dyes from a single flower, or you can combine them to make another one.

Lapis lazuli

You can find lapis lazuli in different places in the game. You can find it in villagers’ chests, shipwrecks, and even underwater structures. Once you have enough of it, you can use it to dye items blue. You can also use it to decorate or build structures.

Lapis lazuli in Minecraft is a blue dye that you can make with several different materials. To make it, you must combine it with other dyes. For example, to create teal, you need two pieces of lapis lazuli and one piece of green dye. This process will create a light blue dye.

You can get lapis lazuli from mining. A stone pickaxe can be used to mine it. It can yield four to eight pieces. You can use this as a dye immediately or craft it into other items. You can also combine lapis lazuli with other dyes to produce different shades of blue.

When using Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft 16 you can also use it to make a variety of different materials. It can be used to dye tamed dogs, leather armor, and other materials. You can also dye beds and candles with it. You can even use it to dye shulker boxes.

You can also make red and blue dyes. Red and blue dyes can be mixed to create purple. You can also combine purple with green. You can also harvest cornflower in the flower forest biome. If you don’t have any of these materials, you can purchase them from wandering traders.

Lapis Lazuli is the primary source of blue dyes. Other sources include cocoa beans and glowsquids. However, Lapis Lazuli can only be found underground and below Y level 0. It can be obtained by combining other substances, such as bones and cocoa beans.


Minecraft 16 features a new flower known as the Bluet, or Azure Bluet, which is the shortest flower in the game. It is composed of four pale blue petals and a yellow center. Pirates refer to it as the ‘Blue flower’, a reference to its name in pirate language.

There are several ways to craft bluets. First, you need light gray dye. You can make this dye by gathering three types of flowers. These include azure bluet, oxeye daisy, and white tulip. You can find these flowers naturally in flower forests or meadows.

Oxeye daisy

The Oxeye daisy is one of the many types of flowers in Minecraft. It can be created by planting certain flowers. These include the Lily of the Valley, the tulip, and the aforementioned oxeye daisy. They are very useful items that can be harvested in the game.

The Oxeye daisy can be created using four different recipes. The recipes can be found in the Mainkraft mod. The descriptions include pictures of the ingredients. Fortunately, these instructions are easy to follow. The screenshot below demonstrates how to create the Oxeye daisy in Minecraft 16.

The Oxeye Daisy is a white flower that is often used in banner patterns. It is also useful in the breeding of bees and can help you generate honey. The flowers can also be used to create a light gray dye. You can also cook the flower to make a suspicious stew, which will give you a regeneration effect for about eight seconds in Java Edition.

The Oxeye daisy can be found in plains and meadows. You can also spawn them using bone meal. After harvesting the flower, you can craft dyes from it, including Light Gray Dye and Red Dye. You can also use the Oxeye daisy to create Suspicious Stew and Light Grey Dye.

White tulip

One of the best ways to make white tulip dye in Minecraft 16 is to combine different colors of tulips. You can find these colorful flowers in the flower forests, plains, and meadows biomes. They can also be harvested from dungeons.

To create the white dye, you must collect two items first. First, you need Lilly of the Valley, which is found in the flower forest biome. You can also use bonemeal, which is easy to get with a composter. After you get these two items, you need to combine them in a crafting table.

The second way to create white tulip dye in the game is to gather some of the primary ingredients. Most of these ingredients are located in far corners of the world. This makes it difficult for a new player to find them all. However, with a little research, you can find all of them quickly and easily.

White tulip dye in Minecraft can be made using two simple items: bonemeal and lily of the valley. Place these items in the first box of the crafting table, and you will receive a white dye. After that, you can move it to your inventory to use it in Minecraft gameplay.

Similarly, the light blue dye can be made with the light blue dye. It is easy to make a light blue dye by combining two different colors, which means you can make it without a problem. Blue and green dyes can also be combined to create cyan.

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