How to Fix ATM Error Code D0111

This article will show you how to fix ATM error code D0111. Basically, this message is an indication that the CS14 or CS12 sensor is not working. When these two sensors are both blocked, the machine cannot dispense or initialize. If you are experiencing this same issue, you can solve this problem by replacing your in-line filter. It is also important to check the speed of your machine.

CS14 sensor blocked while the machine was either dispensing or initializing

The CS14 sensor is located on the upper portion of the cash tray. The sensor may be blocked because a note is stuck in the cash tray ramp. The cash tray should be cleared of any foreign objects, and the dispenser should be slid back to the exit gate area. The CS14 sensor is a dual sensor. The mainboard of your machine will tell you if both sensors are blocked.

If you see this error message, it is most likely that the sensor was blocked while the machine was initializing or dispensing. To troubleshoot this error, you should try to clear the sensor. First, remove the cash cassette. If it is reinstalled, the microswitch needs to be repositioned. Next, check the quality of the cash, clean the cassette, and re-initialize the machine.

If this error message occurs, the cash dispenser will be out of service. If this error message is not a temporary issue, it will eventually go away on its own. In most cases, this problem will go away after a few days or a few months of regular use. You may also consider upgrading the cash tray, and installing signs warning customers that their fingers may be stuck inside the drawer during dispensing. If all else fails, you can try loosening the screws and removing the dispenser.

MB2100T – Both the CS12 and CS14 sensors were blocked while the machine was either dispensing or initializing

The MB2100T error message indicates that the CS12 or CS14 sensor is blocked while the machine is dispensing or initializing. The issue may be due to a bill bounce back. If this is the case, check the cables that connect the sensors. Clean the sensors and replace them if necessary. Once the sensors are clean, restart the cash dispenser and check the cash quality.

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AWR_CAL_MON_TIMING_FAIL_REPORT_AE_SB is an asynchronous event message. The AWR_CAL_MON_TIMING_FAIL_REPORT_AE_SB message is sent by the mmWave device when it detects a runtime violation.

A failure in the CS12 or CS14 sensor could also be caused by excessive EMI emissions or improper ATM programming. In addition, the ATM phone line must be plugged into the “Line” on the mainboard. Furthermore, the line must not be shared by other devices and must have a dial tone.

A BHS HOT STAMP(r) process allows the user to control the direction of the production process. It helps to reduce investment costs while reproducing a production sequence safely. The BHS HOT STAMP(r) heat staking processes ensure maximum holding force and secure gap filling. Using BHS HOT STAMP(r) heat staking, customers are able to produce many different product variants.

CS12 sensor blocked while the machine was either dispensing or initializing

The CS12 sensor may be blocked during dispensing or initializing. If it is, your cash dispenser is out of service. To resolve this issue, you must first diagnose the cause of the error. This can be caused by several factors. If you suspect a faulty sensor, you should first check the feed or double detect sensors. If one is blocked, it should be cleaned.

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