How to Fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel

During Excel work, you may encounter Runtime Error 1004, which prevents you from selecting cells in an active workbook. To avoid this error, make sure to activate the sheet first before selecting cells. There are also some other ways to fix this error, including formatting the workbook and scanning your PC regularly for errors. Here are some of them. Try them out to fix your Excel error. Just follow the steps below!

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications used for business and personal use. It is a one-stop data management program that comes with a variety of extensions, including XLS/XLSX. Unfortunately, this program is prone to errors and runtime errors, which are a major nuisance to many Windows users. Runtime error 1004 is one of the most common problems with Microsoft Excel. If you’re not able to fix the error within a few days, your spreadsheets could be severely damaged, and your application may crash completely.

Luckily, fixing runtime error 1004 is relatively easy. While the causes of this problem vary, the most common causes are conflicts in the registry. The first way to fix this issue is by using a good registry cleaner. This will remove any conflicts and errors in your registry and prevent your files from being corrupted.

If you’ve tried these methods and still get runtime error 1004 on your PC, you’re probably experiencing a conflict between two programs. If you’re using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works on the same machine, try uninstalling Microsoft Works. To do this, you’ll need to boot your PC with administrative privileges and select the programs you want to uninstall.

Another way to solve runtime error 1004 is by using an antivirus program. These programs can scan for viruses, malware, and other viruses that can corrupt your data and files. Antivirus programs are one way to fix runtime errors, and they’re also important to keep your computer safe from viruses. Runtime error 1004 can also be caused by VBA macros. When an Excel chart has more legend entries than space available, Microsoft Excel may truncate it and cause a runtime error.

The runtime error 1004 in Excel can also occur when you’re trying to open a workbook with the same name. This error occurs if the file has been moved or renamed or has been altered in some way. Another cause of the error is that you’ve mistyped the path or file name extension.

You can also try the security feature of Excel. In this way, you can prevent Excel from locking out Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programmatically. To do this, you should open a blank workbook and check the Trust access to the VBA project object model. After this, you should press OK to save your changes and exit the Excel Options window.

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