How to Get Auroracanth Armor Set in Monster Hunter World

Auroracanth Armor Set is one of the most popular sets for players to use during raids. It gives players the ability to protect themselves from so many devastating attacks. However, this armor set is not cheap. It requires you to spend a considerable amount of gold to buy it. Fortunately, there are some ways to get it for a reasonable price.


To craft an auroracanth armor set, you will need two ingredients. The first one is Eltalite Ore, which you can find in any mining spot. The second ingredient is Auroracanth Icecortex, which you can obtain from Aurora Somnacanth, one of the new large monsters in the Sunbreak DLC. This set consists of five pieces, each of which gives you a bonus. This armor set also gives you a bonus called Masters Touch, which prevents your weapon from sharpening when you hit a critical hit.

Once you have the necessary materials and the right skills, you can begin to craft the Auroracanth armor set. It will be a master rank armor set. It will give you protection against various enemies, including orcs. The set will also be resistant to damage and abrasion.

Another material needed for this set is the Large Wyvern Gem. It’s a Master Rank material, and can be used to make very powerful gear. Some of the gears that you can craft with it include the Kamura Warrior Sword +, Tigrex Coil X, and Skalda Elytra. The large Wyvern Gem will also be useful for crafting the Auroracanth Head and Auroracanth Armor Set.

Aurora Somnacanth armor sets come with 11 unique skills, which can help you with your combat. The best of these skills include Offensive Guard, Partbreaker, and Constitution. Rapid Morph is great for speed switching, while Artillery makes you more explosive. These skills are especially useful for Charge Blade users.

Master Rank

The Master Rank auroracanth armor set is a set of five pieces that debuts in the Sunbreak Expansion. Each piece has special skills that combine when equipped, making for an exceptional set for your character. In addition to being great looking, this armor set can help you land critical hits.

To make the Master Rank auroracanth armor set, you will need Eltalite Ore, which can be found in any mining spot, and the Auroracanth Icecortex, which is obtained by killing Aurora Somnacanth, a new large monster from the Sunbreak DLC. These items will also help you craft the Snowshear Master Rank armor set.

The Aurora Somnacanth is a very versatile monster. It can perform several attacks and has two states: normal and rage. In the normal state, it attacks with its body and tail. In the rage state, it will begin performing icy moves. In addition, its head fin will begin to take on a vivid blue color. This makes it a versatile beast, but it can be quite vulnerable to counterattacks.

A Master Rank auroracanth armor set is worth investing in if you want to make a statement about your character. The armor has several unique skills that can boost your character’s overall performance. For example, the Blight Resistance is a powerful buff for players.

Arzuros Armor Set

The Arzuros armor set is a unique armor set that can be used to defend against monsters. It contains five different pieces that you can combine to strengthen your character. This set includes special effects that only appear when the pieces of equipment are equipped. They also combine certain skills depending on which pieces are equipped. These armors can be upgraded, but they will not be able to reach their maximum level without the help of other pieces.

The Arzuros armor set can be obtained by crafting it using various materials. It includes the Arzuros Helm, Mail, Vambraces, and Arzuros Coil. You can also craft the Arzuros Greaves if you have the Coil and the Vambraces.

Goss Harag

If you are looking to get the Goss Harag auroracanth armour set, there are a few steps that you must follow. First, you need to craft a fire elemental weapon. You can craft this type of weapon with Rathalos and Aknosom Tree materials. You can also equip a Partbreaker charm to deal extra part damage. Once you have the right weapon, you can start hunting for the Goss Harag.

The Goss Harag auroracanth has several attacks during its initial phase. This giant lizard can slice enemies in half with its massive nails, or use its arms to form an Ice sword. During this phase, you should avoid getting too close to it. The Goss Harag can also attack from behind. Moreover, it will run away when it has low health.

The Goss Harag auroracanth armour set has three Decoration slots on its armour. These slots allow the player to insert their own skills into the items. These decorations will boost your critical hits. In addition to this, these sets require a Talisman with two level two Decoration slots. They are rare and will not be available until you reach the Master Rank three.

The best way to get the Auroracanth set is to use your skills and equipment. This set provides you with a number of attacks that will make it difficult to be hit by other monsters. You can use these abilities to damage enemy creatures or evade the iceblight.


The Auroracanth armor set is available in the new DLC for Monster Hunter: World called Sunbreak. The armor set focuses on critical hits and increases attack power. It also has Decoration slots, which can be used for skills. Some of the decorations in the set require rare materials and will not be available until you have reached Master Rank 3.

The Aurora Somnacanth’s body is pale yellow with pale blue fins and a blue crest. When it uses its biggest attack, it slams its body into the ground, causing massive damage and inflicting Iceblight. If you happen to be caught in the path of an Aurora Somnacanth, use a Flash Bomb to interrupt the attack, or a Wiredash to get out of range.

You need to be a master level to get this armor set. You can get it by sending Meowcenaries to sparky nodes in the Citadel. During your expedition, you can send them to the Citadel for the materials needed for Auroracanth armor. Once you have these materials, you can forge the other pieces of this gear set.

The Aurora Somnacanth is more mobile than its nominate species, and its mobility is most effective when all four legs are on the ground. The Aurora Somnacanth will also growl before unleashing stronger attacks. The most effective way to defeat an Aurora Somnacanth is to hit it in the head and neck.

Dual Blade

Having the right armor is very important when using Dual Blades. This armor set increases the damage of critical hits and also increases the attack power of the player. It also has decoration slots where you can add skills to increase your critical hit power. The right set of decorations can greatly increase your attack power and improve the stats of your characters. However, you should note that some decorations will only be available after you reach Master Rank 3.

It is best to choose Master Rank equipment when making your equipment. This will allow you to quickly slay enemies. While High Rank equipment is still good for grinding, the Master Rank equipment is superior to the High Rank version. For example, it will give you more critical skills, which are very useful when you are fighting monsters. But to use this armor, you need to have a Talisman that has two level two decoration slots. You can then use these Decorations to customize your armor. However, it is not easy to get the Master Rank equipment, so you should be patient.

Using Dual Blades will require a lot of stamina, so you should consider saving your stamina with a good Stamina Saver skill. It is also important to have a good dodge roll ability, because Demon Mode is very aggressive and drains stamina continuously. Fortunately, there are skills that can help you save your stamina, such as Constitution. However, there are disadvantages to using Dual Blades as your main weapon, and one of these disadvantages is their short range.

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