How to Grow Watermelon in Minecraft

Watermelons are a delicious treat and you can grow them in Minecraft by following a few simple steps. To grow them, you must plant them in the plains biome. There are some restrictions regarding the biomes in which watermelons can be grown, though. Here are some things to keep in mind:


In Minecraft, a watermelon can be grown by planting seeds. However, watermelons only grow in certain biomes, including the plains. To grow one, you must plant the seeds in a 3×3 area of soil. Then, wait one day to harvest the watermelon’s seeds. Then, you can replant them.

First, place dirt blocks one block above the seed. You should then place torches two blocks above them. This is the most efficient way to grow melons. Also, remember that the melon needs space to grow, so make sure to leave a lot of space. A melons seed will not grow if a block is placed directly above it.

Before planting anything else, you should make sure to plant the seeds. You can use a hoe to apply fertilizer. Remember that the watermelon seed will not grow if you don’t allow it enough light. This means that you need to make sure you have enough light during the daytime so your melons will grow.

To build a watermelon farm, you will need two blocks of dirt. You will also need four blocks on top of the first two blocks. After that, you need to build a wall around them. This wall should be two fifths as high as it is wide. This will keep the watermelon growing in the best possible condition.

In Minecraft, a melon can be grown in a number of ways. Melons can be eaten directly or used as crafting materials. You can also use melon seeds to make chickens. The seeds from melons can be obtained naturally in the jungle biomes, savannah villages, and woodland mansions. Melon seeds can also be obtained from abandoned mine shafts and dungeons.

Melon seeds must be planted on a surface with soil. The seeds will sprout after a few days. If you want to speed up the process, you can use some bone meal on the bottom layer of the soil.


If you’re sick of eating watermelons, you can grow watermelon in Minecraft. Watermelons in Minecraft look like the square ones you find in the real world. To grow watermelons in Minecraft, you must first plant the seeds in wet farmland. You can also make your own seeds by grinding animal bones.

Harvesting watermelon in Minecraft is relatively easy. Just plant the seeds at the right height and place an observer over the water. You can also add some bone meal to speed up the growth of the stem. Once you have planted the seed, place an observer over the water, facing the stem.

Make sure to leave spaces around the stem of the melons to promote faster growth. The melons will take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to grow. It’s recommended to leave space between the stem and the grass, so that the stem can reach the sunlight. This method will increase your chances of getting a melons to grow.

Melons are easy to grow, but they are finicky. While they’re expensive to grow, they can provide a huge amount of food at once. In addition to their food value, they can serve as decorations in your Minecraft world. You can even plant them for future expansion if you want. While their flavor is low, you can eat slices of melon if you’re looking for a cheap and tasty snack.


You can grow watermelons in the plains biome. The seeds for watermelon should be planted facing one another, with no gaps between them. Once they have grown to maturity, you can right-click on them to eat them, or craft them into other foods. There are several stages to watermelon growth.

To start your watermelon growth, you need to find a place with enough water. The soil should be wet, but not waterlogged. A good place to find this is a ravine. You can also find abandoned mineshafts, which usually intersect with ravines.

After you have located the right spot, place the watermelon seed. You can plant one or more melon seeds on a block. After a few days, it will grow to its full size. To plant watermelon, you need to water it every week. The watermelon plant requires one to two inches of water per week.

Growing watermelons in Minecraft is fun and rewarding! You can earn money by selling them. However, you will need to put in extra effort and care to make them grow properly. Unlike other crops, melons do not grow in darkness. You need to plant them in an area with enough sunlight to grow.

You can plant the seeds of watermelon in Minecraft by placing them on a 3×3 crafting grid. After placing the seed, you must water it until it sprouts. You can use bone meal to speed up the melon seed germination process. It will not fully develop but it will help the stem grow faster. You will also need a block of dirt or grass next to the seed.

After planting a melon, you need to place it next to an open space. Make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the stem. The melon will not grow if you plant it near a crop seed or a block that doesn’t have dirt or grass. It also requires a light level of nine to grow, and it can take up to 30 minutes to grow.

Planting watermelon in Minecraft is very easy. You can even plant melons with a hoe. When using the hoe on the soil, the texture changes. Now, the soil is ready to receive the seeds of the watermelon. To plant the seeds, you can right-click on the block. When the melon seed grows, you will need to provide it with water to grow properly. It is important to remember that planting watermelon seeds in a rocky area is useless without adequate water.


Growing watermelons in Minecraft is possible, and they are a great source of vitamin C. You can buy seeds from merchants or collect them from chests and mobs. Once you have the seeds, plant them in a hole and cover it with dirt. The watermelons will grow over time, and you can harvest them whenever you’re ready.

To grow watermelons in Minecraft, you will need the right biome. The watermelon plant grows best in the plains biome, so you should plant it in a plains biome. You can use bone meal to accelerate the sprouting process. You can also trade the seeds for emeralds.

First, you’ll need open space nearby. If possible, use multiple blocks to create an area that is big enough for the watermelon plant. This will increase the growth time, but it can be more difficult to keep tidy. Also, make sure the soil is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit before planting watermelon seeds. Once you have the soil, place the seeds one-half-inch deep in the soil and cover them with soil. After that, thin them out to two plants per hill.

You can find melon seeds in the Nether and Overworld biomes. The seeds are found by breaking down melon stems and plants that have an intact branch. You will need a lot of seeds for your melon farm, so make sure you collect as many as possible. You can use a silk touch hoe to pick up dirt without breaking glass or stone.

Growing crops is a great way to earn money in Minecraft. In addition to producing crops, you can also breed animals and sell the meat. One example of an animal you can raise is a cow, which you can milk for fresh milk. You can also breed chickens to sell eggs. These are both easy ways to earn money.

Once you have the right tools, the next step is to till the land. Any hoe will do as long as it can till the soil, but you will need a good amount of farmland to plant seeds. After you’ve got the farmland, you can now plant the seeds. Planting the seeds requires water, so make sure the soil is empty.

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