How to Identify the 2002 Gold Quarter

In this article I’ll go over the basics of identifying the 2002 gold quarter. The design of the coin features the U.S. State of Liberty and the date of its issuance. It also has the same text as other coins of the same year. It’s also the official gold bullion coin of the United States. It’s worth $10 and contains a troy ounce of gold. You can purchase these coins at a variety of coin dealers.

You can also find advertisements in popular magazines and late-night info commercials for the 50 State Quarters. These advertisements would have featured an option to buy a “premium” Platinum State Quarter. These coins are touted as rare and would make great investments, so the companies that produce them usually sell collections of four or five coins for $15 and ship them to the purchasers. The prices of these coins range from $575 to $775.

The United States Mint has issued a total of five gold-layered quarters in the 2002 series. The silver coin features a state symbol or a national landmark. The state symbols on the coin are highlighted in 24k gold. There is also a limited edition gold-plated silver quarter of the same year. Each gold-layered quarter has a unique design based on the state’s traditions and history. The set comes packaged in a black box that is adorned with a state symbol.

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