The Significance of the 1977 Quarter Error

The significance of the 1977 quarter error can’t be overstated. The quarter is a copper-nickel clad issue, but the mint erred by striking the coin on a silver clad planchet. It’s now worth as much as $6! The value of the coin depends on its condition, but in average condition, the 1977 P Washington quarter is worth just 25 cents. In certified mint condition, however, this coin can fetch as much as $6.

In 1977, the San Francisco Mint struck two different variations of the quarter, a four-sided example of which was certified by NGC in 2017. The third surviving example of this coin is believed to have been struck during the 1965-1967 timeframe. It was purchased by Fred Weinberg at the Long Beach Coin Expo. The coins in question were made by sawing two cent coins in half and mating their parts. The two-headed coin looks similar to its counterpart, but it has a different ring.

Another coin with the 1976 Quarter Error is a 1975 Washington quarter with a slight cactus leaf. It also has a drilled-off-center “A”. A crack appears on the second “A” in ARIZONA. This coin can be worth a few dollars, but a good collection will net you a lot more. But if you don’t feel that you have enough money to spend, don’t despair: there’s plenty of other ways to get an error coin!

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