How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

How to make concrete with mods in Minecraft is no longer that complicated. If you know how to make regular concrete before, then you will find this post beneficial. However, learning how to make concrete most efficiently can be a little bit tricky. So, here are few tips on how to make concrete easily and quickly in the game.

First Method

The first tip on how to make concrete in Minecraft is using powder next to a water source. This is the easiest way to make concrete since all you need to do is combine the powder with water next to a water source. For example, if you wish to spawn a black concrete block in your Mac or PC, you should enter the first command: /fill gray_concrete. Then, to make the black-colored powder, combine the black powder with water in the mixing glass. The resulting mixture will have the texture of crushed stone.

Second Method

Another option for making concrete in Minecraft is by combining gravel and sand in a mixing bowl. This is easier compared to using the powder. However, in this case, using stone and sand may cause some lags because it may take too long to mix the gravel and sand in the bowl. It also takes much time to empty the gravel and sand back into the ground when finished. So, for this kind of job, I would recommend using a combination of concrete powder and water instead.

Third Method

Another easy method for making concrete in the game is using a chunk type of block, gravel, and sand in a mortar. You can do this by using empty buckets and spades. Start by setting up the mortar, and then let the block fall directly on the gravel. You should remember that you should only use one block type per block group. It would be best to recognize that the lighter the block type, the faster the mortar would settle.
After the mortar has settled, you should then add the concrete powder and pour it on the blocks you have. Once you have done all these, you should then let the concrete dry for about thirty minutes before applying the first layer of sealant on the blocks. For this type of job, the white concrete block will serve as your guide, so keep that in mind when doing it.

Fourth Method

For another easy job making concrete in Minecraft, you should use the second bucket and empty bucket of water. Start by pouring the concrete powder on the bucket and drop it in the center of the empty bucket. Then, you should drop the second bucket filled with water and drop it on the gravel just like you did with the first bucket. You should also remember that you should only use one bucket at a time.

Last One

For the last step, you should mix one dye with two or three mixtures of water. Next, mix the water and the dye until they are combined. You should then add one tablespoon of the mixture to every one-inch thick layer of gravel. After that, you can then start to pour in the wet mix slowly but steadily onto the sand. When the concrete powder has completely dried up, you should place the sand in the next step, and you should repeat the same process until you finish your project.


Knowing how to make concrete in Minecraft is not hard to do as long as you have the suitable materials and supplies. These materials and supplies include a heavy-duty bucket, concrete powder blocks, gravel, sand, and a wheelbarrow. If you need further help, there are many videos uploaded on YouTube that could be of great assistance in your concrete-making adventure. Just remember to have fun while doing it, and do not be discouraged if you do not get the result you wanted. Remember that there are also online tutorials that you can use if you are stuck. Good luck!

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