How to promote a YouTube channel in 2022.

YouTube is one of the most popular social networks in the world today. There, people watch various videos, get a lot of information, share their opinion in the comments and share interesting content with friends.

Many now dream of coming to this service and using it as their main place of work, but do not know where to start. Today we will talk about what tools will help you become a famous creator in 2022.

Building a strategy

To succeed on this platform in 2022, you need to build a clear strategy. Otherwise, you will not be able to withstand tough competition and will not gain a large audience. The account development strategy includes a content plan for publications, promotion methods that you plan to use, and competitor analysis.

It is difficult at the initial stage to prescribe the ideal strategy, but what you can definitely specify is the promotion ways. The most effective method is to partner with a professional company from which you can buy YouTube subscribers to get your first audience right away. This is almost impossible to do without outside help, which is why we consider it a must.

As the platform evolves and the way the algorithms work is constantly changing, we recommend that you also analyze how the statistics work and what content is most successful for you. This is necessary to understand with which videos you are more likely to be able to gain a lot of views and likes.

Vertical video format

This trend hasn’t spread all over the world yet because most creators are afraid to apply it. However, according to statistics, most of the users now watch content from their phone, so vertical videos are very convenient.

You can try to implement such a format and look at the statistics. Also ask your viewers if they are comfortable watching vertical videos or if they prefer the classic version. This is a controversial point, because for the part that watches YouTube from a computer, it will definitely be inconvenient.

Live streams

Once you have an audience, you can stream for it. Since we have already seen that the main method of promotion is to contact companies that allow you to buy real YouTube subscribers, it is worth thinking about how to continue working with these people.

On broadcasts, you can answer questions from viewers or make reviews of some videos or products. This is a free format in which you can directly interact with people. Also, an important detail is that you can connect the donation system and receive donations from viewers.

The main thing is to objectively assess the situation on the channel and not overestimate the minimum price. If you set a high cost of the minimum donation, then, firstly, users will not send them, and secondly, they will consider you mercantile and this will ruin your reputation.


The main thing when developing your channel is building a strategy and implementing trends that attract a wide audience. Work on creating high-quality and unique things and use effective promotion ways and then success will be yours.

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