Why My LG TV Says WiFi is Turned Off

So your LG TV keeps saying “WiFi is turned off.” The problem is probably with your router’s built-in WiDi feature. Disabling this feature may help solve this problem. To find out if your router has this setting, open its advanced menu and find ‘WiFi’. In the advanced tab, look for ‘WiFi’ and click on its “Disable 5GHz radio frequency” option.

If your LG TV keeps saying “WiFi is turned off”, it may be because the router or TV are at a different time zone than the device. It may also be due to an incorrect date or time on your router or TV. In any case, you can manually reset the time on the router or set the date and time on your LG TV. But you have to be careful not to pull out or damage the cables. If this solution fails, you may need to move the wireless router closer to your LG TV.

Another reason your LG TV may not connect to your WiFi network is because the TV hasn’t been configured to automatically assign its location. The software on your TV has trouble assigning a location. If your LG TV is set to “Set Automatically,” it may not be connected to the right network. To manually update your TV’s location, go to “All settings> General> Location> LG Service Country”. If you can’t get through to this step, your TV’s WiFi is turned off.

The error “WiFi is turned off” on your LG TV can be frustrating, but you can fix the problem by following some simple steps. First of all, make sure your device’s software is up-to-date and is using the correct DNS settings. Then, restart your LG TV. When the process is complete, you’ll have a connection that’s working as intended. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

If your LG TV still won’t connect to your WiFi, you can try factory-resetting it. Press the home button on your remote to navigate to the Settings menu, then select General. Now, navigate to Wi-Fi Connection, and enter the password for your wireless network. The TV should connect to your wireless router now. The problem may be due to various reasons, so be sure to check the manual or the online user guide to determine the correct procedure. If the above doesn’t work, try changing Wi-Fi DNS settings.

Another problem that can cause your LG TV to be unable to connect to Wi-Fi is an outdated firmware. Older firmware may have a number of issues, such as incompatibility with your router. To solve this issue, you need to update the firmware on your TV. In some cases, you will have to connect to the internet using a hotspot on your phone or with an Ethernet cable.

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