How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft

There are two ways to repair your trident in Minecraft. First, you can grindstone and Loyalty. You can also craft riptides by collecting sand. Once you have these materials, you can use them to repair your trident.


In Minecraft, you can repair a trident if it has sustained damage. You can do this by combining it with another trident at the anvil. This will help you to maintain the enchantments on it and prevent you from losing powerful advantages. If you have two damaged Trident, you can use a grindstone to repair both of them.

You can find a trident by killing mobs, looting or trading it. The most common and cost-effective method of repair is by using mending enchantments. To use these enchantments, you will need the mending enchantment, which can be obtained by mining, looting or trading.

A trident is a useful tool in ranged and melee combat. However, it can become damaged very quickly, as its durability is limited to 250. Therefore, it is important to repair your trident whenever it becomes damaged. There are three methods of repairing a trident:

To repair your trident, you should have a mending book. To get a mending book, you can kill mobs, breed animals, and smelt items in a furnace. Alternatively, you can buy a mending book from a librarian. The librarian will sell a mending book to you for emeralds.

If your trident has been damaged by water, it can be repaired. If you have iron blocks, you can use them to repair it. Once repaired, your trident will be restored to its original condition. You can then store it in chests. You can then use it as a ranged weapon when hunting mobs. You can also enchant it with Loyalty to get better results.

You can also repair your trident by using a Grindstone or Crafting Table. These two methods work the same way but they have different results. While the Grindstone will remove all enchantments, the Crafting Table will give you experience. The latter will result in a more durable trident.

A trident is very difficult to craft in Minecraft, but you can repair a broken one before it becomes useless. In addition, your trident will have the same durability as an iron sword. However, when used, you lose one durability point each time it deals damage. In addition, you can also enchant it with Mending to increase the trident’s durability.


If you have a broken trident, you can learn how to repair it using a mending book. These books are found in loot chests and can be purchased from the librarian for emeralds. You can also enchant a trident with mending enchantments, but these are not necessary for basic repairs.

Several resources are available to repair a trident, including iron blocks and coal. Iron ingots can be broken down into smaller pieces, which can be melted with coal to make new pieces. Another resource is a gold nugget, which can be crafted into the handle of the trident. Lastly, you can use three sticks to make the trident’s prongs, and one stick to make the spear point.

Normally, tridents come in red durability, but they’re not very durable and are easily broken. This is why the Bedrock Edition is better if you’re trying to combine multiple tridents. This method, however, will cost you a lot of experience, and it will remove enchantments and decrease the durability of your trident. To combine two or more tridents, you will need to use an anvil.

If you’ve dropped a trident and need to repair it, you can use a Mending table or a Grindstone. However, you’ll have to hunt for the enchanted item to obtain it. Once you’ve obtained it, the enchanted tool will repair your trident when you receive experience orbs. However, this method can be quite tedious and time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

A trident that is enchanted with Loyalty will return to its owner whenever it hits an entity or block. The higher the enchantment, the faster it will recover from damage. A trident enchanted with Loyalty also can take fire damage, which makes it useful in the Nether.

While tridents are very durable, they are still fragile and can easily break. A proper repair can restore it to its original condition. Using a trident will help you avoid a crash when fighting enemies. This will allow you to stay above the zombie dungeon.


There are many different ways to repair a trident in Minecraft. You can use various tools to repair a trident, including a Pickaxe, iron ingots, and coal. In addition, you can also repair your trident with items you already have.

The most common way to repair a trident is by using a mending book. This book is found in loot chests and can be purchased from a librarian for emeralds. Once you have obtained the mending book, you can begin the repair process.

Once your trident is repaired, you can begin using it again. Remember that thrown tridents take damage, so you must be careful not to throw them. They will take damage and may break in the process. In addition, if you use the trident with lightning, you will lose its durability.

The trident is an extremely powerful weapon, and one of the best in vanilla Minecraft. It has great ranged and close combat abilities. The trident can also be used as a shield if you’re using it in the nether. The trident is incredibly durable, but it only has a limited lifespan before it breaks. Luckily, the good news is that you can repair it yourself without spending money on a new trident.

Once the trident breaks, you can repair it with iron blocks. Afterwards, you can store it in a chest. This will repair your trident so it will work as well as it did when it was new. You can even enchant it with a loyalty enchantment to send it back to you if you’ve lost it in the water.


Durability of a trident is a measurement of the amount of damage that a trident can deal to a mob. A trident that has one durability can hit a mob, but each hit will reduce the durability by one. To prevent this, players should not use a trident that has one durability. The durability of a trident can be boosted by combining it with another trident on an anvil.

Durability of a trident is similar to that of an iron sword, but the trident degrades only one point per use. It has an attack speed of 1.1, and a standard attack deals nine damage, but it can deal up to 13 damage if it hits a critical target. It also has a ranged attack that deals more damage than an uncharged bow shot, dealing eight points of damage.

Durability can also be increased by applying the Unbreaking enchantment to it. This enchantment will increase the durability of a trident by two. There are three levels of this enchantment, and it can be applied to a trident using an enchanting table or an anvil. If you want to increase the durability of your trident further, you can also enchant it with the Curse of Vanishing to make it last longer.

Another enchantment that enhances the durability of a trident is the Loyalty enchantment. This enchantment gives your trident a loyalty effect when it hits an entity or block. The higher the level of this enchantment, the faster it will return to your hands. Moreover, the trident can take fire damage, which makes it useful in the Nether.

If your trident is damaged, you can repair it by placing the mending enchantment on it. This enchantment is obtained from looted books in the world. Afterward, you must place the riptide enchantment on the trident. This enchantment can help you overcome dangerous waters.

Another way to increase the durability of your trident in Minecraft is to kill drowned zombies with it. These zombies often drown, and they spawn near ocean ruins. Those zombies can drop a trident, and this can be a very fast way to get the weapon.

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