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How to scale up your tutoring business

How to scale up your tutoring business
How to scale up your tutoring business

There has never been a great time to scale up your tutoring business. With the global online tutoring services market size expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7%, now is the right time for educators to grow their tutoring business. In this blog, let’s look into everything you need to know about scaling up your tutoring business.

6 effective ways to grow your tutoring business

Deciding to grow your tutoring business is an important decision. However, getting the time right is also important when it comes to scaling your tutoring services. But how to know the time to grow your tutoring business.

  • When your class keeps growing.
  • You are turning away students due to lack of time.
  • You have extra money to spend on education technology.
  • You start to achieve consistent profits

These are some general signs that it’s time to grow your business, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t scale up if you haven’t experienced all of these. 

Now it’s time to get into techniques to grow your tutoring business. 

Embrace online tutoring

If you are a tutor conducting face-to-face offline tutoring in your locality, it’s time to get into online tutoring. Adopting online tutoring comes with many benefits, but if you want to scale up your service, you must move to online tutoring.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the expectations of students and parents have been set to transform to the digital world for almost everything in their lives. Embracing online tutoring will only increase your student base and help you meet the expectations of your potential clients.

Simplify the booking process

When starting out, tutors use pen and paper to write down their class schedule and booking received. However, scheduling your classes and booking classes can be challenging when you move to online tutoring. By using an online scheduling tool, you can simplify the booking process and avoid scheduling clashes. 

Online scheduling software allows students to book for online classes via a calendar integrated into the software. This simplifies your tasks, saves time, helps in cost-cutting, and optimizes your business while scaling up.

Group your students

Dividing your students into groups is a great way to teach collaboratively when growing your services and increasing your revenue. Among your students, there might be students who have similar goals. This makes it the right opportunity to group them together. Categorize your students based on subject sets based on their skill level and performance. 

By doing this, it becomes easy to conduct group classes at a competitive rate of what you would charge individually. As long as you set the price right, you can still increase your income while offering the best quality teaching. 

Make offline video serious

Being an online tutor, do you see yourself conducting classes on the same topics repeatedly. Creating an offline video series would be great if you want to expand your tutoring services. The great thing is that you can set the price for your video series based on the demand, as it might increase with time passing by.

Pre-recorded videos are an additional source of income. If you are offering subscription packages to your students, you can consider adding these videos, which will increase the value of your offerings. If you are offering pre-recorded videos alone, learners might want to sign up for more of your classes. This is a great move to grow our tutoring business with low maintenance. 

Become an expert in your industry

An expert or a thought leader in the industry is an educator who shares their opinions and ideas in their subject area. Why is it important to do this? Becoming a thought leader creates publicity and brings PR opportunities to get your brand out. This helps to build your reputation and increase leads through referrals. This also helps in building trust and credibility if your tutoring brand. 

The best place to start expressing your opinions is on social media, where your target audience usually hangs out. Make some great content and use social media to bring it to your audience. Make sure the content you provide is relevant and engaging to your audience.

Expand your team- Hire tutors

If you have been a one-person brand for a long time, it’s time to expand your team when scaling up. If you have a large pool of students to serve, you must consider this. But make sure you have the finances to pay for the team member while making a profit for yourself. The best idea would be to create an online tutoring marketplace where you can teach your students and invite other tutors to be a part of your platform. 

So how to build your online tutoring marketplace platform. The best way is to use an online tutoring software that comes equipped with necessary features like tutor management, student management, admin panel, etc.

If you are looking for the best software for tutoring online, Pinlearn can be the right choice. Pinlearn is a white label script that is customizable and allows you to host both live classes and self-paced classes. It comes with essential features like class scheduling, tutor management, in-built analytics, secure payment processing, and a lot more.

Promote across all channels 

Marketing your tutoring service is an ongoing process that you should never stop. The best approach to promoting your tutoring services is to start with your close contacts. Whether your tutoring service is brand new, or you are scaling an old business, letting your close contacts know about your services consistently is important.

Never shy away from informing your personal contacts and peers. This step is really important as you might get referrals through word of mouth. It is also critical to be active around common social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Being active on one or two platforms is good, but if possible, make sure you establish your presence on all major social platforms to broaden your reach.


Your tutoring service is growing, and you must ensure you scale up your business promptly. Scaling your services at the right time is important if you want to remain competitive. With this post, we hope you got valuable insights on how to scale up your tutoring business. 

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