How to Use the Service.msc Command


You can use the service.msc command to stop, start, pause, resume, and disable a number of different services running on your computer. The command opens up the run box in Windows and allows you to select the services you want to stop or start. Alternatively, you can click on any service to see its status and disable it.

In Windows, a service is a process that runs code in the background of a computer. Often, this code will not require any user interaction or modification to continue. This is referred to as a “service”. You can change a service’s status by right-clicking on the service and choosing “Service Status.” If you wish, you can also change the service’s name. Be sure to restart your computer after making any changes so that they take effect.

You can also open the Service Manager to view and manage Windows Services. This tool is a built-in tool of the Windows operating system. In addition to managing your PC’s services, it allows you to start, stop, and enable the Windows services. These services run silently in the background and are usually not visible to the user.

Sometimes, you may want to restart a service if it’s experiencing problems. For example, if you’re having trouble printing, restarting the Print Spooler service may solve the problem. This will shut down the service temporarily and then start it back up. In other cases, you might need to delete a particular service entirely, such as a malicious program.

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