iPhone 13 Pink screen issue is reported by users around the world

Apple iPhone 13 Pink screen issue is reported by users around the world Many iPhone 13 series owners have flocked to internet forums to complain that their phones have been periodically turning entirely pink and freezing altogether, making them unable of doing any tasks.

Since the release of the new iPhones in September, the iPhone 13 pink screen problem has been reported several times on an Apple discussion site, on various Reddit communities, and on Weibo, among other places. Currently, it appears to be confined to the iPhone 13 series, with complaints coming from users of all versions of the device, from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 13 Pro and even the iPhone 13 Pro Max in certain instances.

Users reported iPhone 13 Pink Screen issue

Users have reported that their iPhone 13 units are sporadically displaying a pink screen as a result of the problem. They termed it as the ‘iPhone 13 pink screen issue’. Once this occurs, the phone is unable to respond to any commands and becomes fully unresponsive. The only thing that appears to work is a system restart, which appears to be the sole answer. The problem appears to occur at random periods in the phone’s operation; for example, some users report that it occurred while scrolling through images, while another report that it occurred when using GPS as the phone became completely pink.

iphone 13 pink screen issue
Image Credits: MyDrivers

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Apple called it as ‘Software Defect’

Apparently, according to a report from MyDrivers, Apple has issued an official statement about the pink-screen issue in China. Because a disproportionate amount of complaints originated in China, Apple turned to the Chinese social media platform Weibo to recognise that the problem is not a hardware issue and that, as a result, it must be a software defect that is to blame.

At this time, there are two recommendations for consumers who are experiencing the problem. The first step is to guarantee that the system has been updated to the most recent version, and the second step is to confirm that all of the apps have been updated. The latter eliminates the chance of conflict between different versions of an app and different versions of iOS.

If consumers continue to have problems, it is recommended that they contact their nearest Apple service centre to have the problem diagnosed.

According to 9to5Mac, the vast majority of users on the Apple forum have reported that the people at the Apple service centre have acknowledged the problem and are replacing the devices that are suffering it en masse. The consumers, on the other hand, have pointed out that the replacement devices they have received are not brand new, but rather have been reconditioned or merely had their problematic components changed. Giving up on a gadget that has been in use for a month or less may be difficult for some, albeit the problem appears to have been resolved in all of the situations listed.

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