The Offers tab on the Play Store is rolling out to more Android devices

The most popular Offers tab section has finally made its way to the centre of the Google Play Store’s home screen tabs. It was first teased in November of last year and is now available on more smartphones. To be sure, we could look at the new design on a variety of Android phones running the most recent software.

Google’s to introduce Offers Tab

Google’s newest attempt to enhance its app store is the Offers tab. Apps, movies, books, games, and even in-app purchases are all included under the new functionality. Services like cloud storage and online shopping and meal delivery might be slashed thanks to continuous promotions.

Play Store, as an online store platform, lacked such a prominent display of its specials, which would have been an excellent way to attract new consumers. In the past, there was a section devoted to deals, but only if you already have a promo code.

Google Offers tab
Image Credits: 9to5google

It’s now possible to see the new Offers option on the Play Store main page. Offers has replaced the previous four tabs and is now located in the centre of the screen. Limited-time offers, this week’s specials, and savings on your favourite applications, games, movies, and ebooks can all be found on this page.

Although we can confirm it on multiple smartphones around us, it is not yet clear how widespread the deployment is. There has been a limited distribution thus far, according to 9to5Google earlier this week. There is no cropping on big smartphones like the Pixel 6 Pro according to the fifth tab, which was validated by the newspaper.

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Testing Estimation

Testing on the Offers tab began as soon as Google launched its Material You design in October. At the time, the Play Store had no modifications to the app listings due to the makeover. The only noticeable change at the time was the repositioning of the profile picture in the search bar and the removal of the Green highlight from the top tab.

In comparison, the Offers page is a welcome addition. In-app offers and app discounts are included, which is a boon for die-hard smartphone gamers. As a bonus, it will provide apps with a new area to be promoted, especially on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The only negative is that the bottom tab row is a little more crowded, but we haven’t found it to be a problem thus yet.

Keep your Play Store up to date if you don’t already have the current version. The Settings option may be found by clicking on the drop-down menu under your profile picture. The About option will display your current version of the Play Store, as well as a link to download the latest version. You may check to see if a newer version is available by updating the Play Store.

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