8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

The native keyboard on Android is usually sufficient for our writing requirements, therefore we don’t need third-party keyboard software. Third-party software is best if you rely on Android’s keyboard more than anything else. Further, we’ll know about the Best keyboard apps for android.

In terms of functionality, third-party keyboard applications are superior to standard ones. They have greater possibilities for customization and additional functionality. In the Google Play Store, there are already hundreds of third-party keyboard apps. However, not all of them were worth using.

List of 8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

As a result, we’ve chosen to compile a list of the top 8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android. To date, we’ve only utilised the keyboard applications listed above on Android devices. Check out the finest Android keyboard applications now.

1) Grammarly Keyboard

The finest one is the final one on our list. Having Grammarly Keyboard installed on your phone or tablet is a must. Because it analyses and checks for writing faults efficiently, the app can help you improve your writing abilities. As a result, you can write error-free thanks to Grammarly Keyboard.

  • Using Grammarly Keyboard, you can scan and fix all of your grammatical mistakes.
  • In addition, the app has a Contextual Spelling Checker, which corrects your typing mistakes as you type.
  • Improved Punctuation and Vocabulary Correction.

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2) Gboard

With Google Keyboard, you can type quickly and easily with voice commands and gestures alike. The Google keyboard app is very easy to use and comes pre-installed on the majority of new Android smartphones. Listed here are some of the top Gboard keyboard app features.

  • Recommendations, rectifications, and completions that are unique to you.
  • design and entrance points for emoji Google’s Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system
  • Dynamic floating preview for gesture typing.
  • Typing using gestures while being cognizant of the surrounding space.
  • Typing by voice.
  • Over twenty-six different dictionaries may be found in this collection.
  • Keyboard layouts that are more complex

3) SwiftKey

In the Play Store, SwiftKey is one of the top Android keyboard apps available. Microsoft’s Swiftkey has a lot of customisation choices, which is a good thing. For example, you may change the keyboard app’s colour scheme, appearance, and themes. Swipe typing, word prediction, emoticons, and more are all available.

  • Before you even hit a key, the software knows your next word.
  • It also features a smart learning feature that stores and learns from the words you say.
  • As a result of this functionality, you can type more quickly.
  • The feature allows you a variety of layout options.

4) Go Keyboard

It’s possible to transform the normal text into emojis and emoticons with the Go Keyboard for Android. You may use emojis and emoticons to communicate using the keyboard app. There are 60+ languages supported by the GO Keyboard as well as hundreds of themes. In addition, the keyboard’s emoji, emoticons, and stickers may be used in any popular app.

  • Emoticons, emoticons, and stickers are all for free
  • Smart enough to spot typos, offer recommendations for correcting them, and make typing a breeze.
  • It offers a variety of layouts, including QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keyboards for tablet computers.

5) Kika Keyboard

A customizable Android keyboard app called Kika Keyboard is available. You have a lot of control over the look and feel of the Android keyboard; you may alter the theme, colours, font style, and much more. Emojis may also be used on any social networking or texting app thanks to the keyboard app.

  • There are more than 1200 different emojis and emoticons to choose from.
  • for WhatsApp’s new skin tone emojis, the first keyboard to support them natively
  • Support for the latest Android emojis, such as middle fingers, unicorns, and tacos, with operating systems above 6.0.
  • Use photographs or colours to make your keyboard skins your own!

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6) Ginger Keyboard

Emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, and themes abound in Ginger, as do free in-app games and other mini-games. As you type, the keyboard app analyses your content and learns how you write, correcting any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar that it notices along the way.

  • Animated GIFs, Emoji Art, and Grammar & Spell Check Emoji
  • apps with a word-prediction keyboard

7) Fleksy

You may download the Fleksy Android keyboard software from the Google Play Store, which has a lot of positive reviews. What a surprise! Fleksy offers millions of free keyboard skins, animated GIFs, and sticker packs to download. Swipe Gestures, for example, are one of the keyboard’s most powerful functions. In addition, it includes an Emoji prediction tool that suggests the best emojis as you type.

  • Apps may be accessed directly from the keyboard using Launcher.
  • Using Editor, you may copy/paste, manipulate your cursor, and much more.
  • The next-generation autocorrect on the Fleksy keyboard is so precise that you can type without even glancing at the keyboard, and you can do so at a record-breaking pace thanks to intuitive motions.
  • The attractive keyboard from Fleksy lets you show off your personality with more than 40 vibrant themes, including well-known choices like Frozen and The Hunger Games.

8) Bobble Keyboard

If you’re on the market for a new keyboard software, Bobble Keyboard is one of the finest out there. Thousands of emojis, memes, stickers, humorous GIFs, themes, and fonts are included in the programme.

  • Stickers and GIFs are a great way to express yourself when words aren’t enough.
  • Toy-like Bobbleheads are created from your selfies using sophisticated facial recognition software.
  • Get GIFs and stickers in your native language by typing in the text.
  • To receive relevant GIFs, type your message and hit the GIF button.


The top Android keyboard applications have been covered here. Install any of the applications mentioned here to replace your Android phone’s stock keyboard software with one of the alternatives. I’m glad you found this information useful! Please pass it along to your social network as well.

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