Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring

Throughout Elden Ring, you’ll find Larval Tears. To get a Larval Tear, defeat the charred enemy or grafted scion. You can also find one in the graveyard at the Village of the Albinaurics, southwest of Folly on the Lake Site of Grace.

Defeat a grafted scion

Larval Tears are a rare item that you can find in various places across the Lands Between. These tears are dropped by enemies that you can defeat in multiple locations. The first location you can find a Larval Tear is by defeating a generic zombie enemy. Once you defeat the zombie, it will change into a bear and drop the Larval Tear. You can also get it from a giant lobster disguised as a grafted scion.

The second location to find a Larval Tear is at Lake Site of Grace. In the northern part of Folly, you can find a Lobster. You must defeat this enemy before it can transform into a miniboss. You can then defeat the true form of the lobster to obtain the Larval Tear. Another location to find a Larval Tear is near the altar in the graveyard of the Village of the Albinaurics.

Larval Tears are rare items that give attribute points to your character. If you can gather a certain amount of them, you can respec. This ability can be obtained after defeating Rennala, Full Moon Queen. Currently, there are 18 locations where you can gather the Larval Tears. However, the limit for obtaining a Larval Tear is five per playthrough.

The Grafted Scion is the enemy that drops a Larval Tear near a corpse. The elden ring is needed to collect the Larval Tear from this miniboss. This miniboss is a very tough enemy, and a Larval Tear from him is a rare item.

If you are having trouble finding a Larval Tear, don’t worry; there are several ways to buy the Larval Tear from an NPC. The first way to purchase a Larval Tear is to talk to Pidia, who is located behind Caria Manor. This NPC can be reached by either climbing the cliff face or descending a ladder. You can also buy Larval Tears using Bell Bearings.

The second way to get a Larval Tear is to defeat a Lion Guardian. This enemy is disguised as a Wandering Noble. When you defeat this gruesome enemy, the Lion Guardian will fall and give you the Larval Tear.

Another way to get Larval Tears is to kill a zombie. A zombie can be a challenge if you’re a lower level player, but later levels will find it trivial. A Larval Tear will give you a Larval Tear in the Elden Ring.

Larval Tears are more common underground. The Siofra River has some locations, including the Abandoned Merchant. Another location where you can find Larval Tears is the Eternal City. This city contains four Larval Tear locations. When you get there, make sure to go through the door on the floor of the dead body. You can also loot Larval Tears from corpses.

Once you have obtained a Larval Tear, you can respec. Respeccing allows you to get more Larval Tears, but it costs Larval Tears. This is an important investment because it determines whether you will survive fights or not.

Defeat a charred enemy

Larval Tears are a valuable item in Elden Ring. They allow players to respec their characters. Although not the most common item in the game, they are essential for customizing your character build. There are multiple locations in which you can obtain these powerful items.

While Larval Tears can be obtained by defeating enemies with a charred appearance, it is important to note that they are quite rare. Therefore, players must be patient while farming them. This will require them to be committed to respeccing and they must be happy with the result. Moreover, they should only respec their characters when they are only a few levels away from their desired build.

If you don’t want to wait until you kill a charred enemy to get your Larval Tear, you can also obtain it from a merchant. This merchant is located in Caria Manor and sells the Larval Tear for 3,000 Runes.

The next step is to find a vendor for Larval Tears in Elden Ring. The vendor is located at the Caria Manor on the upper level in the room with the Lost Grace. If you have the Larval Tear, you can use it to respec your character. The larval tear can be used to reallocate stat points and make other adjustments in the game.

Defeat a charred enemy to obtain the sixth Larval Tear. The fifth Larval Tear is obtained from the Colossal Wormface. It is obtained from a charred corpse.

There are other Larval Tear locations in Elden Ring. You can use them to upgrade your character’s stats and equip unique items. During the Elden Ring, you can also use these rewards to build a Tarnished persona.

You must also know how to farm Runes in Elden Ring. You need to be careful though, as it’s a difficult game and there are many enemies in the game. Luckily, you’ll earn extra Runes if you pick up crafting materials in the open world. And you can sell them whenever you can.

Obtain a Larval Tear in a gazebo

If you’ve gotten the Larval Tear in a quest in the Eternal City, the next step is to get a Larval Tear from a gazebo. It can be found under the gazebo west of the Mimic Tear boss arena in Nokron. This item can be purchased for 3000 Runes from Pidia, a Carian Servant.

If you’re unable to obtain a Larval Tear in gazebo, you can get one from the Elden Ring’s Nomadic Merchant, located in Siofra River. You can also find one in Caria Manor, or from a corpse in Nokron.

You can get a Larval Tear by obtaining Resurrection Painting from Pidia, Caria Servant, located on the upper level of the room with Lost Grace. If you need help finding Caria Manor items, check out my Caria Manor Items Locations guide.

If you’ve run out of Larval Tears in a gazebo, you can try asking a friend to create a character for you. Your friend can then summon your character to Limgrave and kill a runebear for you. But if you’re not able to get a friend, you should think about your life choices.

Another way to obtain a Larval Tear is to obtain the larval Tear from a Lesser Runebear enemy, which you can do near the stone coffins south of the Caelid Highway. To obtain this item, you’ll have to defeat a Troll disguised as a Wandering Noble, so make sure you’re careful.

If you’re tired of trekking all over the world, a quick stop in Nokron is a great way to relax and recharge. The city is home to four Larval Tears. The first one is in the gazebo, near the corpse, while the others are in the yellow mist.

Another place to obtain a Larval Tear is a graveyard east of Caria Manor. You can also loot a corpse in the middle of a gazebo in Nokron. You can also purchase them from merchant NPCs. They cost 3,000 Runes. However, you can only buy one Larval Tear from each NPC.

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