Listen to Call Recordings of Your Teens without Them Knowing

Let’s be honest; sometimes, we feel addicted to our cell phones. Mobile phone users spend the majority of their time on their devices for various reasons. According to research done by IDC, eighty percent of smartphone owners engage with their mobiles within the first fifteen minutes after they wake up. Modes of communication have evolved with the new cell phone technologies. As a result, the dependency on our phones has become more crucial in daily life. Another study shows that in America, the number of calls made by an average user is six per day. Apart from other modes of communication, phone calls are considered the most direct and easiest way.

It is a high alert sign for parents when their teens start behaving in a certain aggressive or deceiving manner. Every household has a code of conduct to follow based on religious, ethical, and moral values. When these rules are broken, it upsets parents the most. In many cases, after investigating the matter, the general result that comes forth is very disturbing. Most teens are under bad influences, and they hide it from their families. A simple phone call recorder can be a good investment to check on all outgoing and incoming calls of your child.

Harassment is another thing that is worrisome for parents today. Teens dealing with their changing hormones often shy away from speaking to their parents about these issues. It is better to keep a healthy check on their mobiles through an app to record phone calls Android TheWiSpy.

Teens With Smartphones:

Research shows that nearly 71 percent of people in the US keep their mobile phones at easy to reach places when they sleep. It indicates how well hooked we are with our cell phones. So naturally, this behavior is observed and learned by our kids.

Research done by PEW shows:

  • Nearly 95 percent of teens own a smartphone in America. It is a huge number to consider. Due to the pandemic lockdown, smartphones are not luxury anymore; they are a necessity nowadays.

Phone addiction in teens exists, and we need to speak about it before it’s too late. In the same research by PEW there was another concerning fact;

  • Approximately 45 percent of American teens acknowledge that they have developed a habit of constantly looking over their mobiles.
  • Furthermore, 56 percent of teenagers grow anxiety or loneliness when they are away from their mobile phones. Cell phones have permeated teenage life with the overuse of social media and the need to stay trendy. Parents are struggling along with their kids to fight this new change.

Teenage Issues in Present Times:

Teenagers go through a lot during their puberty age. They have to deal with the changing hormones, cope up socially and stay atop their studies. With all the internal and external pressures, they feel misunderstood most of the time. Yet, no matter at what age, children look up to their parents as the core support system of their lives.

The most day to day problems teenagers usually go through but are not limited to are the following;

  1. Body Shaming
  2. Cyber Bullying
  3. Digital addiction
  4. Defiant conduct
  5. Depression

1. Body Shaming:

Statistics by PEW show that teenage girls are high at risk of committing suicide, with an increase of 65 percent rate in suicide between 2010 and 2015. This number is directly correlated with the use of smartphones. In addition, the ongoing deceptive trends in deluded beauty standards have left teenage girls with a huge amount of pressure. To look perfect in every way has led girls into depressions and even suicide.

2. Cyber Bullying:

Cyberbullying is something that these millennia have been facing right from the start of social media interactions. Students who encounter cyberbullying are 14.9 percent. As per a study done by PEW.

3. Digital Addiction:

Teens today are addicted to their digital gadgets more than before. But, unfortunately, the constant feeling of being missed out has made them fall into the pit.

4. Defiant Conduct:

Another teenage issue is the lack of trust. Teenagers often feel their parents do not entrust them. This problem leads to various defiant actions. Like, cheating, stealing, dishonesty, being secretive, etc.

5. Depression:

Depression among youth has shown a serious increment. According to research done by PEW, American youth goes through negative emotions. So much, that 7 out of 10 teenagers have complained about having anxiety or depression-related problems.

Solution-Android Spyware:

In case your child is going through some or all of the problems mentioned above, it is better to have a spy check on your kid. Teenage is the age where your child is on a constant exploration ride. Their adrenaline is high due to overwhelming external and internal changes.

Trust is the key to a special relationship you hold with your child. Please keep your child in the loop and tell them why it is important to have an Android spy app installed on their phones. Share your and your close one’s experiences with them which can help them to relate.

Benefits of Call Recording:

There are many benefits of call recording, which may include;

  • Know if your child is using abusive or foul language in your absence.
  • It lets you know if your child is the victim of cyberbullying but shy enough to tell you.
  • Listening to their calls with a phone call recorder, you may understand what is happening in their lives.
  • Get a hold of any unknown and suspicious caller that is in touch with your child.

TheWiSpy Call Recording Features:

The best way to listen to phone calls is via TheWiSpy app. TheWiSpy is an easy-to-install and uses application.

  1. Record and Listen to Phone Calls:

With TheWiSpy Android spy app, you can easily record and listen to calls. This app feature gives you complete control and confidence in the safety of your child’s privacy.

A sudden change in your child’s attitude may be heart-wrenching. But with the app to record phone calls, Android may help you the best. You may know if anyone is polluting your child’s mind.

  1. Monitor Call Duration:

TheWiSpy app is the best Android spyware which lets you monitor the duration of the call with the time and date stamps. It comes in handy when you are looking at a certain incident. This tiny information is dominant if your child is lying to you regarding that incident. Then, you may confront your child in a more factual and friendly manner.

  1. Check Contact Details:

Apart from listening to phone calls, you can check all the details of the call received or made on the target phone, like the Number, Emails, Name, and any other contact-related information saved on it.


I read a quote somewhere that states, “Love is blind, but parents are not.” It serves as the best example as to why parents are always two steps ahead of their kids. It’s because they have gone through similar phases in their lives.

Modern problems seek modern solutions. The best way is to install Android spyware on your kid’s device. This way, you can keep track of their texts, calls, social media usage, location logs, etc.

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