Maytag Front Load Washer Error Codes – Detergent

If you have a Maytag front load washer, you may be experiencing error codes that are related to detergent. The issue may be due to a malfunction of the detergent dispenser. To fix the issue, first make sure the detergent drawer is closed and that it is not too full. After ensuring that the detergent drawer is fully closed, you can clear the error by pressing the cancel, pause, or power button twice.

If the lid is stuck, you may want to try to unlatch it. Sometimes this can be caused by too much weight on the lid, which will prevent it from unlocking properly. Next, press the pause/cancel button, followed by the power button, and wait a few minutes until the washer drains. This step will clear the error code and reset the washer to factory default.

Another possible cause of this error is that the water level is too high. The machine may not be able to fill completely with the regulated water temperature, which causes it to pump out the water. If the machine is still not filling, the water level may be too high or too low. This error could also be caused by a malfunction with the lid sensor. If this error persists, the machine will shut down. If the error persists, you may need to replace the control board. If you cannot find the problem, you should contact the manufacturer’s service department or consult a repair shop.

The first possible cause for this error is low water flow. The machine does not have enough water to wash the clothes, which can lead to overflow. To clear this error, you can press the pause or power button twice. This will clear the error and the water will flow normally again. The detergent drawer must be checked and cleaned if this is the case.

If you have an unbalanced load, the washing machine will display this error code while it is performing its imbalanced load correction routine. This step is performed before the final spin of the cycle. If the wash cycle dial flashes before the end, you need to redistribute the load and press START/PAUSE. This will reset the error code.

Another reason that you may receive this error code is because the load is too large for the machine. You should first empty out excess water and remove any items you don’t need. Then, add the correct detergent and close the lid. If you are still getting this error, you can try rebalancing the load manually.

Another possible cause of the SUD error is too much detergent in the machine. When this happens, the washing machine will increase the rinse time to remove the excess suds. If you have too much HE detergent, make sure the washer is empty before using it. If you suspect the issue with the detergent, you can also try unplugging the machine and checking for buildup in the detergent compartment.

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