Minecraft PE 1.0 4 Free Download

Minecraft PE 1.0.4 is a free download that brings new features and changes. For starters, you’ll find that the game includes a new world known as the Ender World, which contains dragons, End stones, and desolate land. Using this world is different from the rest of the game, as you have to use a special portal to enter it. The portal will move you very quickly, so you won’t have to waste time going back and forth between different parts of the world. Another notable change in this version is the ability to see the Winter biome. This biome brings with it an igloo, where you can build a bed and a stove. It even has secret descents!

Other changes include fixing the throwing rate of snowballs. You’ll no longer be unable to teleport when your bow runs out of arrows, and the spawn rate of Golden Apples in chests has been increased. The pig saddle and Wither summoning sound have also been fixed. While you’re exploring, you’ll find that you can now hear the sound of a pig saddle when it lands on a surface. You’ll also find that pigs no longer attack when they’re not in their spawning area. Also, when you pick up an iron golem, it won’t attack you. Lastly, a bug in the game has been fixed: the anvil no longer deletes items from your inventory if you quit it with the GUI open. Another change was that leaves no longer appear as opaque blocks

The newest update for Minecraft Pocket Edition fixes several issues, including a crash when opening the.mcworld file. Additionally, the left bumper on the controller now works properly, and the “Advanced Video Settings” toggle is now saved. Additionally, a crash when mining while riding a horse should no longer happen. Finally, the visibility distance slider has been fixed, which was causing the game to crash occasionally.

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