Minecraft PE Apk

If you’re looking to play Minecraft on your Android phone, you can download the new version of the game, Minecraft PE, which includes a host of new features and bug fixes. This version has the same gameplay as the original version but offers several new features. For instance, it has a new item arranging feature, and players can place multiple items on a single block. This allows for a new level of creativity. Furthermore, it also includes a feature that lets you turn off the chat prompt.

The game’s latest update has also fixed a number of problems that caused players to experience slow performance in some areas, including flying on an elytra in the End dimension. The developers of Mojang Studios addressed this problem in the new version, which includes improved performance. In addition, foxes no longer run away if players do not use their elytra to avoid them. Moreover, they no longer chase after players when they are carrying food and only follow them if they find wild berries. Another important update for the game is the addition of jobs for some of the game’s villagers.

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