Node.js vs. PHP

Node.js and PHP are quite popular technologies in the modern tech world. Knowing the differences and similarities between them may be essential for any individual who wants to understand the overall approaches to development on the web. In this article, we’ll take a look at the popularity of the platforms and offer a detailed comparison of their capacities. As you shall see, hiring a Node.js development company can be a great idea for any individual who seeks to upgrade their firm.

Node.js vs. PHP – Which is more popular?

The existing information indicates that PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms in the world. Today, it takes up to 80% of the market. Node.js is less potent in this regard. It takes 1 to 2% of the backend development in the modern world. The reasons for the greater popularity of PHP are simple today:

  1. PHP is simply older and, hence, has a large base that uses the platform by inertia. This means that the support offered by various providers for the platform is simply too powerful in certain cases to be fully ignored. This information allows saying that PHP will probably remain a leader for many years;
  2. PHP has one of the biggest communities in the world: despite being old, PHP features very significant support from a large number of developers all across the globe. As a result, finding development training and other vital factors is simply easier when a person uses Node.js.

Node.js vs. PHP: Detailed Comparison

Node.js, despite being less popular, nonetheless deserves a significant amount of attention from the relevant decision-makers. In this regard, one should pay attention to the following features while comparing Node.js and PHP:

  1. Node.js is a framework rather than a scripting language (PHP): Node.js offers a set of tools that enable developers to create full-scale servers and other important development tools very fast. PHP requires more time to set up due to being a full-scale programming language rather than a framework developed for the use of JavaScript;
  2. Node.js offers an asynchronous launching of code contrary to its competitor platform: by using Node.js, it’s possible to create programs that would launch code without waiting for the completion of the preceding portions. In this way, the framework offers an opportunity to outpace every other competitor. PHP has a more typical synchronous model. As a result, it loses in terms of speed to Node.js.


To summarize, the presented data means that Node.js can be a superior platform if compared with PHP. Indeed, PHP is more popular today due to its common use among a large number of individuals. At the same time, the platform has many downsides in comparison to Node.js that make it less optimal than the discussed platform. Ultimately, modern decision-makers should most definitely consider the use of Node.js in their development. If you need any help with the usage of the platform, asking KeenEthics for help is a great idea.

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