14 Popular Google Doodle Games To Play (2022)

An art form, the Google Doodle is often interactive and educational and is dedicated to a person, event or community. We’ve also gotten some basic but always fun video games from Doodles, which have eaten up a lot of our time. Re-trying them was a time-consuming process, but it was necessary for this scenario.

List of 14 Popular Google Doodle Games To Play in 2022

Here are some of the Popular Google Doodle Games To Play in 2022. I can almost promise that you’ll go back and play all of them again just to refresh your memory of how great they are:

1) Pacman

pacman Google Doodle Game
Pacman Google Doodle Game

One of the most popular Google doodle games is the Pacman Doodle version. It’s a timeless classic and a cult favourite among gamers everywhere.

In 1980, Pacman was introduced as a labyrinth action game. PAC-30th MAN’s anniversary was celebrated in 2010 when Google launched the Pacman doodle version.

It’s easy to savour and recreate such times with Google doodles, too. The game’s mechanics haven’t changed.

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2) Halloween 2018

halloween 2018 Google Doodle Game
halloween 2018 Google Doodle Game

Halloween 2018 is a great Google Doddle game for several players. Actually, this is a groundbreaking multiplayer doodling game.

There will be two teams, each with four players from across the world, competing in this tournament. Randomly, you will be assigned to one of the two opposing teams.

During the course of two minutes of gaming, players must gather as many roaming spirit fires as possible and return them to their base. The most thrilling aspect of the game is the ability for players to intercept the spirits of their opponents and return them to their own home base.

The side with the most spirit fires at the end of the game wins. The more spirit fires a player gathers, the more unique abilities he or she will be able to use, such as speed boosts and night vision.

Even better, you may host a game and invite any seven other players using the unique invitation link, or play with random players from across the world, using the random player option.

3) Quick Draw

quick Draw Google Doodle Game
quick Draw Google Doodle Game

Google Doodles’ Quick Draw is a well-known example of this. After drawing what shows on the screen, Google’s neural network tries to predict what you’ve drawn.

If any of your guesses were incorrect, you may see what most people drew at the end of the game. Machine learning is used to build the game. It’s not going to be flawless, but it will become better with time.

4) Halloween 2020

halloween 2020 Google Doodle Game
halloween 2020 Google Doodle Game

2020 is the year that Halloween 2020 was debuted. Playing this version of the Google doodle game is more entertaining and hard than playing the original.

Save your buddies and fight against the sea ghosts as Momo the cat in this game. The complexity of the Google Doodle Halloween 2020 rises with each level.

To get rid of the ghost, simply draw the sign over the apparition and let it go. The ghost’s appearance and assault speed increase with each level.

5) The Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle Game
The Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle Game

The iconic Rubik’s cube problem is one that almost everyone has attempted to solve at some time. In addition, you may test your Rubik’s Cube solving abilities with this interactive Rubik’s Cube.

Try this Rubik’s cube Google doodle game if you’re a fan of the puzzle. Doodle games like Rubik’s Cube are incredibly popular.

6) Baseball

Baseball Google Doodle Game
Baseball Google Doodle Game

This year’s Google Doodle Baseball is one of the most played doodles to commemorate the United States Independence Day (July 4th).

You need to hit home runs using the bat. This game will be a blast for any baseball enthusiast. See how many runs you can get in this game.

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7) Cricket

Cricket Google Doodle Game
Cricket Google Doodle Game

Google Doodle Cricket is a game that is really difficult to put down once you start playing it. To commemorate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, it was first offered to the public in 2017.

It’s a straightforward game in which you bat and score runs. In many ways, Stick Cricket, one of the finest cricket games for Android, is a close cousin to this title. There’s no need to run after anything. One of the greatest Google doodle games out there, in my opinion.

8) Halloween 2016

halloween 2016 Google Doodle Game
halloween 2016 Google Doodle Game

One of the most popular Google doodle games is Halloween, which was introduced in 2016. And there’s another Halloween-themed game to add to the roster.

To save her pals and restore harmony at the Magic Cat Academy, a black cat takes on the role of a rescuer.

By swiping the symbol over the ghost’s head, you assume the role of a black cat and cast our ghosts.

As the game progresses, the level of difficulty steadily rises. This is another addicting video game.

9) Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Google Doodle Game
Crossword Puzzle Google Doodle Game

Doodle crossword puzzles were launched in 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of crossword puzzles.

The crossword puzzle doodle game is a fun way to test your knowledge. It’s an excellent way to pass the time.

10) Google Doodle Soccer

Google Doodle Soccer Google Doodle Game
Google Doodle Soccer Google Doodle Game

If you’re a soccer fan, Google Doodle Soccer is a fun sport doodle game to play. Playing goalkeeper in this Google doodle soccer game, your aim is to prevent goals from being scored.

In addition, the controls are simple to use. Making saves necessitates the usage of the arrow keys and the spacebar.
The soccer doodle game released in 2012 may appear simple, but it isn’t.

11) Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes Google Doodle Game
Garden Gnomes Google Doodle Game

Another well-known doodle game is Garden Gnome, which was released in 2018 in honour of Germany’s national garden day.

You are given a catapult to help you hurl the clay genes as far as you can. Your gnome’s progress is tracked by how many flowers he plants and how many points he earns.

It’s also possible to select one of six distinct gnomes in various colours, sizes, and levels of bounciness.

12) Fischinger

Fischinger Google Doodle Game
Fischinger Google Doodle Game

Fischinger is one of the finest Google doodles games designed to commemorate Oskar Fischinger’s 117th birthday.

Composing visual music is possible in this Google doodle game. Moreover, it includes a wide range of customization options, such as changing the speed, changing notes, activating delay, bit crushing, and phaser, making it one of the most thrilling and interesting games.

The nicest aspect is that it contains a few presets, and you can easily switch instruments.

13) Scoville

Scoville Google Doodle Game
Scoville Google Doodle Game

This year marks Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday, and the Scoville doodle game was created to commemorate it. The goal of the game is to use ice cream to overcome hot peppers.

When the red circle on the scale hits the green place, you must click immediately. You have a limited number of opportunities in the game, and you must take advantage of them.

14) Basketball

basketball 2012 Scoville Google Doodle Game
basketball 2012 Scoville Google Doodle Game

You can play this game if you are a fan of the sport. In 2012, it was launched. You have just 24 seconds to rack up as many points as possible in this game.

To change the strength with which you toss the ball and score points, press the spacebar key. Overall, this is an entertaining game that has the potential to become really addicting


Google Doodles are fun to play when you’re bored. Let us know which one of these you like the most. Tell us in the comments what you think. 

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