10 Best City Building Games for Android (2022)

When you’re stuck in traffic or standing in line, nothing beats a quick game on your phone to pass the time. When it comes to gaming, the best city building games are among the most popular subgenres of the genre. There are now more city simulation games available on the Play Store and App Store. We’ve selected 10 of the best city building games for android, most of which are completely free. However, you may still play mobile games for free.

List of 10 Best City Building Games for Android

1) SimCity BuiltIt

SimCity BuiltIt

Once again, you may create the city of your dreams in the free iOS game SimCity BuildItRead More Reviews and see it expand into an economically thriving virtual metropolis. In your role as Mayor, you have a moral obligation to deliver the finest possible services to the people of your city. Building roads, residences, businesses, and industries are all things you may begin doing here. Ultimately, the collected taxes can be used to negotiate better terms with other municipalities. As you go through the game, you’ll be able to teach your residents new talents. As a result, you’ll be able to regulate everything from electricity to water to sewage to sanitation. Start creating your city today, since your actions will be reflected in the future.

2) Megapolis City Building Games

Megapolis City Building Games

Similar to SimCity, Megapolis boasts 3D visuals and contains over 700 distinct structures that will increase the quality of your metropolis. Your energy output, water supply, and oil supply will all benefit if you upgrade your facilities now. Don’t forget to include entertainment facilities in your plans to keep your inhabitants happy.

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3) The Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia

Formerly known as Super Tribes, this city-building game on iOS focuses on being a turn-based world builder that takes influence from the Civilizations franchise. This is the place where you may let your whole potential shine through. New technologies can be discovered and developed by the players to help them conquer the rival cities and gain an edge over them. Ultimately, your triumphs will transform into victory.

4) Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium

City-building is the primary focus of this game, with less emphasis on war and invasion. You play as a mediaeval village builder tasked with attracting new inhabitants to your settlement in the game Townsmen. For those who want a more involved gameplay experience, the game includes more than 150 town and manufacturing structures, as well as a detailed economy simulation and even deeper industry chains.

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5) TheoTown


TheoTown’s gameplay is reminiscent of SimCity with a few glimpses of city skylines, making it a standout element of the game. So this ranks at #5 on our list of best city building games for android. This game’s difficulty stems from the need to learn the game’s very intricate features. Although the learning curve for this game is not to be underestimated, there are plenty of tutorials available to assist you to get started.

Let your imagination run wild in this game where you may easily partition your city into a richer portion and a poorer part of a more rural part of a contemporary section. Rails, roadways, and other physical barriers can be used to demarcate zones. Desirable people are what you ultimately desire for your city. Try it out and let us know what you think if you don’t think it’s one of the greatest city-building games out.

6) City Mania

City Mania

This free iOS game is all about creation, expansion, and personalization. To maintain your city happily and populated, you can hire individuals with different characteristics. Iconic landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower may be added to your city as well.

The animation in City Mania is what really sets it apart from other city-building games. Interactive gameplay and your empire will never be bored because of the bright and cute animation.

7) Pocket Build

Pocket Build

As a result, Pocket Build has a more laid-back look and feel. In this vast open environment, you have the freedom to grow your community and gather the materials you need for your needs. Every so often, new buildings are added to the game to keep things fresh. This is a fantastic iPhone game.

8) Village City: Island Sim

Village City Island Sim

You can’t go wrong with Village City: Island Sim, one of the greatest and most exciting city-building games for Android. In Village City: Island Sim, as in previous city-building games, you’ll have to construct your own homes and grow your town. People from other towns will flock to your wonderful metropolis, boosting its development.

9) Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

One of the most popular free iPhone games is Forge of Empires, which was initially a browser game. Players begin the game in the Stone Age when they must build cities and armies to conquer the world. The game’s Guild versus. Guild mode pits players against other guilds from across the server to plunder their resources, which is reminiscent of previous mobile fantasy city builders.

10) Airport City

Airport City

Airport City is an ultimate game in which the goal is to construct an airport, as the game’s name implies. Flights of all kinds, from private jets to long-distance transcontinental planes are needed in Airport City. There are also a few optional side quests to do for additional in-game currency.


There you have it, the ultimate list of the best city building games for android ever made. They may not be as fast-paced as other types of game, such as shooting and action RPG, they’ll undoubtedly challenge your intellect and tactics. Managing a home, on its own, is difficult tough — more so a full population. Even if you’re playing in a virtual world, you should constantly be looking for methods to keep your residents satisfied. Even while it won’t happen right now, it would be rewarding to see the benefits of a well-run virtual city.

Let us know which of these city-building games is your favourite in the comments and tell us about any special strategies you’ve discovered along the way.

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