The 11 Best Social Media Tools in 2021

Nobody had thought social platforms used for fun, engagement, and visual interaction would become part of a Social Media Marketing strategy.

And why shouldn’t they be? They have millions of active users from all over the world. Who knows how many of them need your product or service?

If you are a digital marketer, social media strategy comes next to SEO. Social media can even be used to leverage your SEO strategy.

But, with the increasing number of social platforms, marketers find it hectic to update each of them. Content creation, engagement with followers, tracking analytics, and so much has to be done.

Fortunately, there are tools available to simplify your job. As a social media marketing agency in Dubai, we use these tools for varying purposes.

Some of them are free, while some are premium ones. Let’s explore them a bit and then decide for yourself which fits into your budget and objective.


Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about this fantastic tool before. Canva is used to create aesthetic banners, videos, logos, presentations, social media posts, and much more by marketers.

No, you don’t need designing skills to use this tool. That’s the beauty of Canva. Everything is available, even in the free version. 

You can pick built-in designs for your social media posts to create one from scratch by customizing the existing ones. 


Buffer is a social media management tool with a suite of publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration. 

If you have multiple projects and you want to streamline things, you can use Buffer. It lets social media marketers and teams work efficiently and avoid any clutter.


Research is an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. If you want to beat your competitors, you must first learn what’s keeping them ahead in the race. So you can replicate or do better than them.

Buzzsumo gives you insight regarding content:

  • Who has shared your content
  • Alerts based on keywords, brand name, links, etc.
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Competitor analysis


Sendible is a social media management tool. It gives plenty of scheduling functions to help you manage and publish posts. It even integrates with Canva.

We highly recommend this tool for agencies as they have to work on multiple projects at a time. You can schedule posts individually or in bulk on single or multiple channels.


A tailwind is a great tool for you if you rely on visual marketing. For Instagram and Pinterest users, it contains amazing features. You can discover content, schedule posts, track conversions, and analyze results.

Furthermore, the tool offers hashtag lists and amplifies your reach on both platforms.


Though it can be quite expensive, HubSpot’s social media management tools offer great versatility. The platform integrates all your marketing efforts, such as social media, email, SEO, and CRM, into a single platform.

This way, you can easily manage all campaigns and check results.


If you have a bit of flair for designing, Unsplash can help you to create banners and images for your social media profiles. It contains thousands of free-for-use, water-mark-free images for any purpose.

Searching for a relevant image is quite easy. Just enter a term in the search bar, and you will get hundreds of results. You are even free to use the same images in your design, website, videos, etc.


Social Pilot is another popular tool for scheduling posts and tracking analytics. It features a simple dashboard that gives various options for social media management.

Further, it curates and suggests content from several industries, including tech, education, health, fitness, etc.

Socialpilot can produce white-label reports that come really handy for agencies when presenting their month-long efforts to clients.


Sumo is a complete suite of useful traffic and social media tools. These tools are extremely useful for improving your marketing strategy. Some of the prominent features of Sumo include:

  • List Builder
  • Welcome Mat
  • Live Chat
  • Contact Form
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Image Sharer
  • Share



Prompt replies on Instagram, Facebook, or any social platform leave a good impression on people. But they should be personal; receiving an automated response is not always a pleasant experience.

A mention is a listening tool that lets social media marketers respond to social media comments and mentions from inside the platform. 

Further, Mention can be used to find relevant influencers to run influencer marketing campaigns as the demand for influencer marketing services is gradually increasing.


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The social media marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace. If you want to catch up with the latest trends and make the best use of all social channels, you must be proficient in using the best social media tools. Only then can you grow your personal business or your clients’ business if you are an agency.

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